Tomb Raider Legend

I caught a TV spot for the game out of the corner of my eye on Friday and figured it wasn’t out yet.

Low and behold when I checked online yesterday it was already in stores…stores like Best Buy…where I was ordered to go by my short-term gratification tendancies and buy it at the full $49.99 sticker price.

I’m about to take it for my first spin.

Any other dopers out there making the latest Lara grunt?

I hope it’s good, because the last one was not.

It’s made by a different team, this time, so maybe it’ll be okay.

I saw this today at Walmart.

“Ooh, look!” I said to Hubby. “The new Tomb Raider! I’ll have to get this when I’m done playing Oblivion.”

“About six years from now,” Hubby snorted.

He’s right-- I was still playing Morrowind up until the night before Oblivion came out. :smiley:

The thing I never liked about the Tomb Raider games was that it was a game of hand dexterity more than anything. The fun parts for me are exploring and figuring out puzzles, not having to loop contantly to the same spot to see if I could make that jump this time.

I’m not like These Kids These Days. I wasn’t raised with a game controller in my hand, so a game where being successful relies on quickly punching the right series of buttons at the correct moment is extremely frustrating for me.

It’s rather good. It’s made by the same people who did the Legacy of Kain series, not the original Tomb Raider, and it shows in the much higher quality. The action is almost like a modern Prince of Persia – forgiving controls, cool but easy to pull off moves, and great animation for the most part. The story’s okay, and the voiceovers are great.

However! It’s very, very, very, very, very, very, VERY short. Did I mention it’s short?

If you’ve got a console, rent it, if you’ve got a PC, borrow it. It’s good for 1 or 2 days entertainment, tops. In the time trials, after you’ve figured out the traps in the levels the average time to finish one is about 10 minutes, and there’s only 10 of them.

I agree, the last outing was poor. I have played and completed all the previous versions and can only hope this one is better than the previous game. Also I’ll be playing it on the Xbox so I expect big things from it.

What’s the best price anyone has found for this game? I get 10% discount at work, this will make it about £27, give or take a few coppers. (Apologies if this should be in a different section)

I’ve played the dmeo, and the game is solid. It really does resemble Prince of Persia with guns. The puzzles and jumping sections are less complex and precise, so it’s more inviting to a casual gamer.

It definitely plays a lot like Prince of Persia. Unfortunately, the camera action is not as good as PoP though. I’ve only got an hour or so of play on it so far, so hopefully I’m still getting used to it, but I find myself wanting a wide-angle view of the surroundings much more than the game readily provides it.

I’ve already grumbled on many more than one occassion that I can’t see past Lara in the frame. She gets in my way and the claustrophobic camera angles bother me much much more than they ever did in PoP. Of course it doesn’t help that the last game I played heavily was PoP…

We’ll see.