tomndebb doesn't tell the exact truth all the time.

In this thread, tomndebb is exposed… he says:

And yet here we are, more than a month later, and the thread is still sticky.

Can we burn the witch?

Burn the witch!

He turned me into a newt.

A newt?

I’d rather hear that from tomndebb than from a doctor.

I got better.

Are you sure? I always took you for a fish. A mangey trout, to be more specific.

Well, that’s what happens with them there oil-based threads. Water-based, it would have been dry by now.

Depends. Have you filed an environmental impact statement yet?



Perhaps it’s more a case of his statement was misstated? Er-
Never mind…

[Monty Python] It’s a fair cop[MP]

Too short. Didn’t read.

Not so obvious. Which T would that be, exactly?

Earl Grey!

A drink with jam and bread??

Call 3M. The glue they use on Post-It notes isn’t nearly as good.

I’m kinda partial to the Post-It Notes myself.

I used this off-brand once, that was very difficult to part with. As in, I was tearing paper in my attempt to get them off of me.

Oops, nevermind. I thought we were in the Pit. Weren’t we in the Pit?

Sorry, I had whiplash for a minute there.

Yeah, and from what I hear he’s not even two people!

Heath Ledger’s dead!