Tonight David Stern will be crying like a little baby.

Why, you ask?

His Favorite Sons, The LA Lakers, went down tonight to the lowly Detroit Pistons. Not only that, but they got destroyed in the Finals. This last game wasn’t even close.

Congratulations, Detroit, and well done in sticking it to the overrated, spoiled, childish prima donnas from LA.

Oh, and by the way, try not to burn your city down tonight. :smiley:

Hell, I’m thinking both cities’ll be extra-toasty tonight…

Oh, and woohoo! Go Pistons! (a.k.a. “the lesser of two hated teams”) :smiley:

raises glass

Here’s to the Pistons, the team we don’t like, but aren’t the Lakers.
Originally came up with that one for the D-backs.

Can’t really add much other than, “Ditto!”

Here’s my question:

If the Detroit fans riot in celebration, how will we know?


Here’s mine.

What in God’s name is up with David Stern’s EARLOBES?!

I don’t get all of the riot jokes. Even when Kimmel said it, it just seemed dumb. Yes, the city I grew up near is still kinda crappy. But, why does everyone think the city can’t handle a sports championship? Ya know, this is the seventh championship of a Detroit team in the last 15 years (and 8th in 20), so it’s not like it’s new to the city to win.

Seriously, we’re not Cleveland. We can handle winning. :stuck_out_tongue:

As a Lakers fan, I feel compelled to step in here and say:

And I refuse to admit that Detroit earned it. :wally’s

Right. We’ve gone 20 years without a Championship-related riot, but all anyone remembers is Kenneth “Bubba” Helms standing in front of a police car in 1984. Jeez, that image, and that name are burned into my memory.

But since the 1984 World Series, the Pistons have won 2 - OOPS! MAKE THAT 3! – NBA Championships, the Red Wings have won the Stanley Cup 3 times, the WNBA Shock have won their Championship once, and the Detroit Lions have – look! Shiny!

Anyway, it appears there was much revelry in the streets of Detroit, Royal Oak and environs, with public displays of affection among total strangers, dancing on cars and general overall goodwill.

You know, Detroit really is a very nice place, with really nice people. Heck, we even serenaded the Lakers to sleep each night while they were staying in our midst!

And as a Laker hater, I feel compelled to say: Back at’cha, loser. :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s fine. See, there’s only two options here. Either a) Detroit earned it, or b) the Lakers got exposed as the overrated bricklayers they are. You’re certainly allowed to feel that it was “b” that did them in. :smiley:

: just pantses Hal and is done with the whole mess : :dubious: