Tonight I got my money's worth!!!

Ha ha. Made you look. No, it’s OK, come on in. Sit down and I’ll tell you a tale illustrating the genuine worth of being an active and paying member of The Straight Dope Message Board:

Back in May or so, soon after I joined, there was a great thread about long-lost snack foods that you could no longer get in your local store. My contribution was regarding Peanut Cremes, which were yummy peanut-butter wafer cookies that were 100% better than the Nutter Butter cookie sandwiches, whose sales and popularity somehow managed to eclipse the superior Peanut Cremes so thoroughly that manufacture of my favorite store-bought cookie treat was discontinued. Or so I thought. The thread I posted to grew and grew into extra pages, until one day a wise and benevolent member of the SDMB, who had been posting here for much longer than I, deigned to reveal to me the humble truth: these heavenly confections were still being manufactured and sold, but now under the name of Nutter Butter Peanut Cremes by Nabisco. So, I did the obligatory Googling and found some mention of themin this odd website, and I knew I was on the right path!

“Aha!” I thought. “I must search these out in the local Grocery Store!”

I should have guessed, however, that my difficulty finding them on the web was a clear indication that Nabisco was not marketing these particularly vigorously, and my initial search proved in vain. I refused to ask anyone at the store if and/or when they would be stocking my heart’s desire, nor would I order these culinary delights from the web, for I am an irrational being. I had to discover these on my local Grocer’s Shelf on my own. No further assistance did I require. If they were to come to me, they must come to me out of the pure lifeforce of Love that surrounds us all and responds only to the heart’s strongest vibrations. Only then would they be as good as I remembered.

Last night, after two months or so of occasional, thorough, but ultimately fruitless scans of the cookie aisle, I found them. They had come to me, through the fortuitous chain of events that began at the moment I clicked the OK button to allow the Reader to charge my Credit Card for the privilege of becoming Rufus Xavier, Charter Member.

Tonight, I revealed these treats to my wife, with whom I did partake of these delicacies quite frequently during the first few years we lived together. She was stunned and amazed at my find, which was most gratifying to me, as was the first bite of these newly rediscovered cookies, since they are exactly as I remember them!!! Crisp wafer, smoooooth sweet peanut butter, woohoo I am eating these like a motherf*ck! Thank you SDMB for all your help. The rest of this year’s membership benefits will be gravy.

Yeah, SDMB rocks! I’ve gotten back my puny fee of 4.95 tenfold long ago…