Damn you, Nabisco

Oh it’s not like I’m not fat enough as it is; but you have to go and introduce the new Double Delight Oreo cookies featuring both chocolate creme and peanut butter cream filling - ON THE SAME COOKIE!


Got a package 'cause they were on special in the store and never finished 'em. Was kind of icked out by them actually. Something about the chocolate & peanut butter mixing just tasted semi-nasty to pretty nasty.


You ain’t right in the head. :wink:

I prefer Reese’s Peanutbutter Cups.

Or, failing that, Hershey’s Special Dark chocolate syrup and creamy Jiff on a toasted English muffin.

Double “Delight” Oreos don’t come close to their name.

I had such high hopes, too :frowning:

…innovation made a few years ago.

New Nutter Butter made with chocolate cookies and peanut butter cream.

The originals were close to perfection, this achieves it.

I do so miss those Chocolate Nutter Butters. I can’t get them around here anymore. Did they quit making them?

The Double Delight Oreos are killer. I am ashamed to admit that I hid them from my kids. I have only bought one package simply because I know if I buy them, I’ll EAT them. MMM…big pile of Double Delight Oreos and a huge mug of milk. Dinner’s served!

I take it you haven’t seen the new Tabasco flavored Cheezits yet, have you? If ever there was a time to see if it’s a viable option to use both hands when shoveling food into your mouth, this is it.