Cookie Butter Oreos are the best.

Happened across this limited time flavor and they are great. Graham cracker flavor wafers with “cookie butter” filling. And not “thins” like some of the non traditional flavors.

If you don’t know the cookie butter is either Biscoff or a knockoff of the same. Ground up cookies that put peanut butter to shame!

The salted caramel Oreos are almost as good, but they are thins and though they have a good flavor, I consider them not worth the effort.

What say you?

Apple Pie Oreos are the best!

No,no evil…Chocolate double stuff oreos. Drop the mic!

I haven’t seen the cookie butter Oreos yet. I like the red velvet ones.

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Picked some up today but I’ve tried one (I’ll eat the rest). I was going to suggest that if you liked them you get some Biscoff cookies if you can find them, but it looks like you already figured that out.

I like the mint flavor.

I’ve not seen the apple pie flavor, I’ll have to look harder.

The red velvet I’ve seen but not tried, maybe tomorrow.


Pump-kin Spice! Pump-kin Spice!

Cream cheese flavored filling if you like that. I suppose they kind of taste like cheesecake.

Cookie Butter are the best. As soon as I tried them I told my sister, “I don’t usually bother with cookies that don’t contain some sort of chocolate, but these break the rule.”

Sorry. If the wafer isn’t chocolate and the filling is different, then it’s not an “Oreo.”

It should be called the cookie of Theseus.

I agree!

I would love bacon Oreos.

Say what now?

They have cookie butter ones? Oh man, now I have to try those. I absolutely adore the red velvet ones – if you’re a fan of red velvet cake, get some, ASAP.

A month or two ago I found Oreos with Pop Rocks mixed in the (otherwise normal) filling. Very small rocks, felt and sounded like a light rain in your mouth instead of large pops like the candy used to be (and maybe still is–do they still sell Pop Rocks?)

I have never found an oreo variation I’ve liked more than the original. Even “double-stuff”, or whatever it’s called round these parts.

I’ll have to look for the Cookie Butter ones though I can’t imagine they hold a candle to the Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter cookies. Those are the best cookie I’ve ever had…

I’ve had the cookie butter variety and really liked them. Mostly because of the graham flavored cookie. But I’m still confused as to what “cookie butter” actually is.