Mmmmm, my new yummy snack!

So I was stirring the peanut butter (yes, we get the natural stuff) just now and the package of Oreos was on the counter. Also, on the counter was 2 Reese’s Peanut Butter Pumpkins. I began thinking about how much I love peanut butter and how Reese’s are really good, when it suddenly occurred to me:

Dunk the Oreos into the peanut butter!

OMG!!! It was so good. Of course, afterward much milk ensued in order for me to be able to speak again. It was so yummy. Way better than Reese’s. Suburban Plankton walked into the room and saw me putting a peanut butter covered Oreo into my mouth and just laughed. He had one and said they were good. Everyone should try it.

Are you…pregnant?

No, really that sound good! After the day I had, I wish I had some Oreos. I’ll have to settle for some Easy Mac.

I don’t know whether Nabisco still makes them or not, but peanut butter Double Stuf Oreos are very tasty. The inside filling is peanut butter-y, and the cookie part is just like classic Oreos.