Tonight on Afghan TV

This topic has been making the rounds on local radio, although I suspect it originated with the Onion. I thought I’d start it as a thread here (since it didn’t show up in a search). Here are some Taliban-ized tv shows for the Afghan prime time lineup.

Allah McBeal
Everybody Loves Achmed
Diagnosis Heresy
Mad About Everything
Buffy - the Imperialist Yankee-dog Slayer
Wheel of Torture
Children are Forbidden from saying the Darnedest Things
Afghanistan’s Wackiest Execution Videos
When the Northern Alliance Attacks IV
True Stories of the Kabul Patrol
The Price is Right, if Osama Says it’s Right
That 1400’s Show
This Old Cave
Survivor: Afghanistan
Ripley’s: Believe It or Else

Your turn …

Oops, I left some off the original list:

Jalalabad, 90210
Family Feudalism
Honey, I Shrunk the Camel
Malcolm in the Mosque
All My Children

Yeah, there is a whole thread about this in the pit.

darn it. I rarely read the Pit (and didn’t think to search there). Thanks kellibelli.

And here is the Jalalalink