Tonight the final episode of "Invader Zim" will air.

The Most Horrible Christmas Ever, the last episode of Invader Zim will air tonite at 8pm.
It is kinda horrible knowing that Zim is gone.

Sorry, never heard of Invader Zim. Details?

Here you go.

Has Nickelodeon lost it?

Fuck you, Nickelodeon. Fuck you with a brick, sideways.

Poll: What cartoons do you watch and love?

Jhonan Vasquez…any fans here?

Nickelodean Sucks!

Invader Zim, anyone?


The last episode is airing in less then a half-hour and only one person posts to say that he does no know what Zim is?!?!?!?!?

I thought it was terribly poignant, how they had to explain the existence of Mini-Moose, since the episode where he was introduced was scrubbed.

My children and I refer to Nickelodeon as “the network that shall not be named.”

Here ya go, all the Zim you can take.

I just saw this thread…5 minutes after it had ended :frowning:

May I humbly suggest that the network that shall not be named is at least giving better treatment to Zim then they did to Ren & Stimpy? On R&S, they fired the original creator, threw out the bulk of the biting social commentary, and only left the booger and fart jokes. Then milked the franchise for several more seasons.