Tonight's The Closer - whodunnit/Spoiler

I missed some bits of tonight’s Closer, and I’m really ticked I didn’t quite get whodunnit. Please tell me.

The guy that came to clean the boat, he was the ex-husband of the first victim (the one that was found by the sherrifs) - apparently he stopped killing when he married her, then when she divorced him, started up again. The husband of the first victim (the one that owned the boat) was tied up under the boat, sans head.

What was it Brenda spotted in his shop that tipped her off? When the camera panned over to where she was looking, I couldn’t tell what she was looking at.

She saw a lot of things-- his picture from the Navy (the last victim liked military guys), a diving suit, a rubber raft, rope… Her realization dawned on her slowly. I think the final tip-off was that he smoked cigarettes, and the victims had cigarette burns on them.

I was surprised to find out that Brenda is suffering from early-onset menopause. I thought for sure she was pregnant, since Kyra Sedgwich is only 41 (a mere 6 years older than I am, yikes). I like that how the show is depicting menopause, something that’s usually played for jokes on TV but is a serious thing for a woman and causes a lot of suffering. I remember my mom going through it… oy.

Wasn’t there some blood on one of the floats on the floor too? Maybe my imagination got ahead of me.
I think she put it all together with the phone call, with the only other suspect being headless and all.

I wasn’t surprised about her having early-onset menopause. Her symptoms were unmistakable. I think it’s sad. I had the impression she kinda wanted a baby.

She was suspicious, but the phone call tipped her off. The boat cleaner guy had said he had been called to clean the boat. But the phone call told Brenda that guy who supposedly made the call was dead. Therefore, the boat cleaner had lied and was going to clean up his own mess.

She had also told Provinza to look for ‘rubber rafts, diving eqpt, etc…’ and it was all there in front of her… the phone call was the final straw, but she had already grown suspicous…

I think what finally tipped her off was looking into a box and realizing it held spare battery packs for the cattle prod.