Tony Hawk 4: Rune Gulfberg's Pro Challenge

I’m going through all my games, trying to finish up the ones that I never totally beat, and I’m now on Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4, for the X-Box. I’m pretty damned good at this game, if I do say so myself. I’ve got 189 out of 190 pro points, I can routinely score 50,000+ point tricks without even trying. I’ve bought every thing in the game except the last “secret” skater, and am well on my way to finding all the hidden cash.

But I can’t beat Rune Gulfberg’s pro challenge.

If you don’t recall immediately, Rune’s challenge is on Alcatraz, in the two empty, side-by-side pools. The first few tricks are easy enough: heelflip handflip while doing a spine transfer, blunt to fakie on the watertower railing, melon over the plank, no problem. I’ve done these tricks so many times I could practiaclly have written that list out from memory. It’s the next trick that I simply can’t pull off: eggplant on the cellblock rooftop. I simply cannot get that much height, no matter how much speed I build up. Full special bar, maxed out stats, even the hoverboard cheat. It’s not even a matter of almost making it: I don’t even come close. I can get enough air to get maybe half way up the second story, and thats it. That’s as high as he goes.

So, what am I missing here? Is there a special trick to it? Am I supposed to grind off something else? I can get up there by grinding off something in the pools? There’s a very tight “out o bounds” rule for the challenge, so it seems unlikely.

What the hell am I missing?

Took me a while to figure it out- you have to do either a bean or a fastplant (I forget which one exactly- on PS2 it’s a double-tap up and then the “north” button) to get the added height to reach the roof.

Hmm… On the X-Box version, the “north” button is the rail-slide/lip trick button. But since all the tricks are programmable, that’s probably moot. I don’t see either of the tricks you mentioned in the Edit Tricks list, either. Argh. And I thought manualing the rollercoaster in San Francisco was a pain in the ass.

D’oh. I’m working from memory here, but bean/fastplant is a double tap up while you’re at the lip of the pool (right before you go airborne) while letting go of the ollie button- basically an ollie with a double-tap up. It’s a default trick that all characters have and isn’t configurable.

BTW, it was your “Anti-Drug Commercial” idea rant that inspired me to buy THPS4 in the first place. Just thought you should know.

Ha! Forgot all about that thread. I wonder what could possibly be wrong with my short-term memory…

And Hallelujah! It works! I got to the roof! And did a noseplant instead of an eggplant! Dammit. Still, at least I can get up there. It’s only a matter of time, Mr. Gulfberg. Only a matter of time.

Thanks for the help, Mojo!

Sorry, not to go overboard here, but it’s GLIFBERG.

Huh. Well so it is. Looks like Gulfberg on the screen. [sub]Stupid skater fonts.[/sub]

Anyway, after a gruelling day of sitting on my ass playing video games, I finally completed the entire game. All of it. Every cash icon, every mini-game, every gap. Unlocked the “Hot Chick” skater ‘n’ everything. It’s my first 100% completion on a video game. <sniff> I’m so proud…