Tony Kornheiser, STFU!

Well, it’s halftime of the first monday night game of the season and I’m already sick of the ESPN crew. In particular, fucking Kornheiser has come out of the gate strong in making a complete tool of himself.

You would think that the one good thing about watching a post-Favre Packers game would be that you wouldn’t have to list to the incessant Favre knob polishing. You would think you wouldn’t have to hear Favre’s name at all any more. You would THINK that, but noooooo, we have to hear Kornholio make constant idiotic comparisons of Aaron Rodgers to Brett Favre all game long. Rodgers gets pressured and throws a wild, girlie lob up for grabs in the endzone that should be picked off but gets dug off the turf for a TD by a Packers receiver, Kornholio says it’s “just like favre,” No, asshole, it is NOT just like Favre. Every time Rodgers completes a pass, Kornholio says it’s"just like Favre." No, it is NOT just like Favre you clueless, football-ignorant tool. How the FUCK did you a ever get a job in an NFL booth? Why the FUCK haven’t you been fired yet. You are SO insufferable, you make me long for Joe Theismann.

Shut up, shut up shut up, shut up, just SHUT. THE . FUCK. UP!!!
It’s going to be a long season.

Amen, I’m working so can’t watch the game but this stuff drives me nuts. Dennis Miller, Tony Kornheiser…why are the people who run MNF so convinced we need half-baked comedians in the booth? I can flip to any other channel and watch comedy, I turn on MNF to watch FOOTBALL! But this is the same group that thinks we need 5-6 half-time ‘analysts’ on every channel laughing their fool asses off at every lame joke and concocting fake arguments so it looks like their actually ‘analysing’. Kornheiser is one of the worst; I do like PTI, but get him outta the booth.


I knew exactly what the rant was going to be about before the page loaded up. Yah, he needs to shut up.

And I* love *PTI.

I should have mentioned I often listen to Blue Jays games on the radio while watching the game on TV because the radio commentators are more informative IMO. I don’t know if MNF just broadcasts the TV commentary on to the radio or not but you may find some better coverage there.

Did you honestly believe that in the first Packers game in which Favre didn’t start since the Civil War that his name wouldn’t come up?

Especially for you Vikings fans.


I was wondering how long it would take before we got the first Dio/Favre rant of the season. Guess I should have taken the under. Look on the bright side, at least he’s out of our division.

Even the other commentators were mocking him for it.

But I have to say, that touchdown pass looked like Favre for a while. Maybe that’s because it was part of beating the Vikings at Lambeau. I mean, it’s not like beating the Bears, but there is a certain satisfaction in it.

Who knows, next season if the Vikings sign a few more players, and the Packers lose a few more, maybe the Vikes can compete at Lambeau.

The Packers got a lot of assistance from the zebras, like they always do against the Vikings. Not that Jackson didn’t lose it on his own at the end.

It was funny watching Adrian Peterson go Bo Jackson all over Al Harris, though.

Rodgers’ performance wasn’t the least bit Favre-like, he didn’t throw any interceptions.

Fucking A. I leave for a year, get a good rant built up in my head and DtC steals my thunder.

But for a different reason.

Rodgers could have cured cancer on the field and Cornholer would have bitched that Favre could have done it in fewer attempts.

I hate Tony. Always have. Now I hate him more even though it’s not possible.

BTW, hi Dio!!!


New year, same lame excuses.

Don’t you see, whenever the Pack beats the Vikings (which seems to be happening a lot lately), it’s the “zebras’” fault, dammit! It’s not that the Vikings only have one good player or anything…

Hey, Duff. Long time no see. It looks like the return to free posting is really bringing out the ghosts.

I still owe you a beer. Do you still live in Forks?

Whenever I think about giving your opinion on football ANY credence whatsoever, you pull an dumbass comment like this out of your ass. The Packers were called for 12 penalties for over 100 yards, and you insist they got “assistance” from the refs. There is no reality strong enough to put a chink in that Viking’s armor of yours.

Normally I listen to the radio broadcasts of the Brewers and Packers while watching the games, and they are more entertaining IMHO. I think it’s because the TV guys know there’s a camera showing the action, whereas the radio guys have to describe it in a way that helps you visualize it. They’re just better.
And I agree with Airman. The excuses seem to be starting awfully early. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nope, back in Brewtown. You buy the beer you owe, I’ll get us to The Safehouse.

Naw, the Vikings still had a chance and blew it at the end. Don’t tell me you didn’t see that uncalled horse collar near the end there, though. I also saw at least two uncalled facemasks against AP, a couple of bounce passes ruled as complete.

Brett who? It was a good start for the Packers; they’ll win the division by at least 2 games. The Lions, Tavaris Jackson, and Kyle Orton…yeah…I’d be worried if I was the Packers.

I also hate Kornheiser (stop talking about Roger Federer)

It’s the disease that has permeated sports announcing.

I am not one to long for the “good old day” but I do miss it that games are no longer announced, they are bashed through your skull. Why can’t we have more announcers like Ray Scott, Van Patrick and Lindsey Nelson.