Tony Kornheiser, STFU!

While it’s true that Minnesota, Detroit, and Chicago are not good teams, the Packers really aren’t either and they’re going to have to play non-divisional opponents too. I wouldn’t be surprised if they lost 2 of the 3 divisional games they have to play on the road too.

Make sure you send Dio in first. I doubt he knows the password.

Oh, hell no I ain’t telling him. He can dance on camera since he won’t know. :smiley:

What is this “football” you speak of? Surely it can’t be the one you (mostly )play with your hands.

“American football” what with the qualification might catch a break…boring as it is seeing a bunch of fat men overcome equally obese opponents playing every five minutes. Think 'roids might have something to do with their outsize?

That said, GO BENGALS!..if they are still around in Cincinnati.

Yes, I know, I have a hell of a lot of catching-up to do…in fact, the Icky Shuffle is my last memory of the National Hand and Foot League. And yeah, in general, sportscaster are simply a distraction to what you’re trying to watch.

Suddently Tony doesn’t seem so bad. :rolleyes:

Look, this might be my only chance this year to say something without having to bury my head, but I would like to point out for a moment that it was neither the Peckers or the Vikings that smacked Peyton and the Colts into submission this week.

And yes I know it was 17 months late, but it counted.

And FWIW, I totally agree that Kornholio should get on the Titanic with Theisman and Joe Morgan and sail into the North Atlantic…

How about them Bears?

heh, that’s actually one of my first football memories.

Long? You call, what, seventeen weeks of playing once a week LONG?

Try 168 games. THAT’S a long season.

I found the ESPN guys excruciating this time for the Aaron Rodgers annointing.

  • They of course compared him to Favre all game.
  • After the special teams ran one back for a TD, they cut to Rodgers for his reaction
  • When Grant ran a long one in for a TD, they talking about the damn handoff. :stuck_out_tongue:

And it’s not Aaron’s fault. ESPN commentators always pick a hero then talk about him constantly. The weird thing is that it doesn’t matter who’s calling the game. The old team, which was much much worse, did the exact same thing.

Woo-ho-ho there buddy. Lets not get crazy. Tony can go, but I would rather see Rosanne Barr and Celine Dion up in the booth than have Joe back.

What sport plays 168 games?

I guess he thinks the Angels will play only six playoff games.

Joe Theisman makes me long for LT.

crrrraaack goes the shinbone

Well, watching the game through purple colored lenses…

What I don’t understand is why they can’t just swallow their pride and hire Jerry Lawler.

That’s what they’ve been going for with this Dennis Miller/Tony Kornheiser nonsense, but it’s time to admit defeat.

Which is impossible, because if you lose the first round you play no more than five, and if you win you play at least seven.

Unless they have the same regular season record (and tiebreakers) *a la *the Rockies and somebody else, in which case they have a one-game playoff.

Couldn’t they only play 161 regular season games as the result of a rain out, which does not need to be rescheduled because of the standings at the end of the season?

Then an exit from the playoffs in 7 games would be lead to 168 games played.

Alternately, if they choke badly now and end up the season tied, they could play a one game play-off for the division, win it, and lose the opening round in five games.

Don’t worry. Tony will need to spend the rest of the MNF games talking about important things such as Jessica Simpson and shameless promotion for Dancing With The Stars.