Tony Siragusa dead at 55

Tony Siragusa dies at 55: Former Colts and Ravens DT, nicknamed ‘Goose’, won Super Bowl with Baltimore

Wow. Only 55 years old. He died in his sleep.

ETA: did anyone have him in the 2022 Celebrity Death Pool? 45 points!

I sat next to him on a plane once around 10 to 15 years ago. It was after his playing days, he was doing broadcasting work at the time. He was a very big man, but very friendly and talkative. I enjoyed our 2 hour chat.

That’s a shame, he seemed like a nice guy. Also always seemed out of breath just standing there when on broadcasts so I can’t say I’m surprised.

Yeah, he’d been a very large man for a very long time. Not judging, but carrying 300+ pounds around 24/7 for the majority of your life has got to wear your body down quick, and then the extreme wear and tear of playing professional football for a dozen years on top of that! Even as a very large man, his important internal parts still aren’t all that much larger than yours or mine.

That aside, sad to see. Seemed like a genuinely nice, good man.

I wasn’t fan of his. Not that I disliked him, I just didn’t care either way. But I was moved by some of the sentiments I read. And wow, he was only 55.

Each day we have. It’s a blessing.

I liked him a lot. I hate the 2000 Ravens, but he seemed like a good guy. I’m very sorry to hear of his passing.

He was a good sideline guy for game broadcasts. Knowledgeable and engaging. As a player, he’ll never get a pass for his dirty takedown of Rich Gannon in the 2000 season AFC championship game.

I’m a little bit biased; I hate the Ravens but love the Colts. And I was very annoyed by the fact that every time he opened his mouth on a broadcast, there was a graphic that said “The Voice of Tony Siragusa”. If his agent negotiated that, he should be dragged out into the street.

Here is that play. The commentator speaking is a former QB, so he’s not sharing a purely objective viewpoint.

Before Gannon went down, that Raiders offense was practically unstoppable.

Eh… looks a lot more like an ungainly fat guy tackle, than anything meant to be injurious.

At any rate, he certainly didn’t lower the boom on him, like say… Howie Long did in this video.

Siragusa’s father died at 48 from a heart attack.