Tony = Upscale

I was watching a rerun of the Lucy Show, and Wally Cox was guest starring as Vivian’s cousin Wally. Wally was a concert musician and staying with Lucy and Viv

Anyway Lucy says, (in a mock posh voice) “Well I didn’t realize our company was so tony.”

And I Googled it and sure enough came up with:

Tony = Stylish, high-toned, upscale

I’ve never heard of this before? Have you? Where do you think the word comes from?

I’ve heard it used, I know what it means, but I never thought about where it comes from. Now I have to go look it up…

Of the “ton” - read enough Regency romances and you’ll know exactly where it comes from

I’ve heard it used, but know nothing of its origin.

And I always thought it was “toney.” As in, “high-toned,” or somesuch.

ETA: on-line dictionary shows tony and toney to be used interchangeably.

Before anybody starts thinking otherwise the Tony Award is named after a person and is not meant as an adjective.

Me too.

Perhaps it is toney not tony but if you look up in Google

[define: tony](define: Tony)

You can get this result on tony

Both spellings are acceptable, sayeth the OED and M-W.