Too much information (paradoxically, not TMI)

So there I am walking past the car park, and there’s a sign there saying “PEDESTRIANS: Do Not Walk Under This Barrier”. Okay… but why address it to pedestrians? I mean, who else would be walking under the barrier.

Anyone else notice this kind of thing, or do I just need to get out more?

Limbo dancers?

I guess it’d be okay to ride your unicycle under it?

Actually, the STM regulations specifically forbid people to ride their bicycle, tricycle, or unicycle in the metro.

You can bring your unicycle into the metro, you just can’t ride it.

Was this a problem??!

Did you get a picture? Here is a site dedicated to signs, directions, and designs that are ‘broken’.

So can a pedestrian crawl under it? Or roll, on rollerblades? Or set up a slip-and-slide and sliiiiiide on under?

On I-5 in San Diego there is a sign that says “Cruise Ships use Airport exit” and at UCSD Medical Center in the parking lot there was a sign that always made me go “huh” I have a picture somewhere, but its paper, anyway, the sign said " Street Level Enforced 24 Hours"

Along the lines of the site, once while I was in Las Vegas, one of the big flashy animated banners in front of a hotel showed a Blue Screen of Death™. It was pretty funny.