Too Much Xmas Music?

How much Christmas music on the radio can you stand? Radio stations that used to ease into Christmas are now playing 5 weeks of solid Christmas sap. Not to sound like the Grinch, but isn’t enough, enough? When you think about it, there are a very limited number of Christmas songs from silly to religious. But, everyone and their mother has a version. How do you stand it? Do you agree 4wks+ is a bit overboard? Would you prefer the stations to ease into it?

And, the big question: Are you tired of it by the time Christmas arrives? Be honest!

Zero hours. And if I feel the need to listen to Christmas music, I’ve got this.

Yes…I’m a Grinch.

Waaay tired of it when Christmas arrives. But am still enjoying them at the moment.

Which means I think they should start with the Christmas songs around mid-December, for me to still like them.

I can stand one tune every two hours, and only if it isn’t choir-y snore-fest music. I like jazz renditions the best. And secular, please. Walking through stores during the holidays is pure torture for me.

I do love Christmas. But too much Christmas music ruins the specialness of it. At least for me.

I would prefer that they not start until some arbitrary date early to mid December. Let us say the 12th.

I refuse to listen to the stations that have been playing it since Nov 1st.

The classic rock station here plays it for two solid months. And while the songs are playing, they interject people sending Christmas wishes to people overseas and elsewhere. It’s enough sap to feed the redwood forest.

Well, it is now technically Advent. So I am not morally opposed to it. But I don’t think that more than one in 10 songs should be a Christmas song this week. Next week, make it 2 in 10.

But Advent is really sort of a mini-Lent. Yes, preparations & celebrations happen. Some traditional folks only begin serious celebrating on December 25th–The First Day of Christmas–by which time too many folks have shot their wad & are tired of the whole thing.

And those “serious” folks keep celebrating Christmas until Twelfth Night/Epiphany. At which time they serve the first King Cake & hang out the Mardi Gras flag.

There are two stations in St. Louis on Christmas format – one has been going since around Halloween, even.

It’s not so much I mind Christmas music – I could listen to Josh Groban’s “O Holy Night” over and over – it’s that I mind their choice of Christmas music.

George Michael’s “Last Christmas”: not a Christmas song. Dan Fogelberg’s “Same Old Lang Syne”: not a Christmas song. “Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer” and “Santa Baby”: reason enough for justifiable homicide. Ugh.

As soon as I hear Christmas music, I change the channel. I enjoy it when it’s background noise while I’m at my mom’s house at Christmas and it’s nice while we’re at a Christmas service at church. But I am completely uninterested in listening to it on the radio.

I listen to news / talk radio and have for years now. Christmases have been very blissful since. You should give it a try.

I don’t listen to Christmas music on the radio or anything like that. I love Christmas music, but it has to be mine. I’m very picky. I will happily play my CDs for a month (not all the time), but I cannot stand the dreck played by the radio station or in stores. I have zero interest in listening to Janet Jackson sing Jingle Bell Rock, or whatever. Sarah McLachlan is the only celebrity I’ll listen to. And the Transiberian Orchestra is a crime against humanity.

If I hear Paul McCartney’s “Simply Having a Wonderful Christmastime” one more time, I’m taking hostages. That song is a crime against humanity.

I really like jazz and bluesy xmas music so I stick to my own cd’s.

I stick to my iPod, and occasionally my Christmas station at Pandora.

Yup! I refuse to listen to those 2 stations ever again because of the Christmas in October shit they pulled. It’s a shame, because I kind of liked Movin’.

I’m morally opposed to it because it’s technically Advent. We’re waiting for the birth, not celebrating it yet. It’s like serving candy on Good Friday because it’s around Easter.

OK, morally opposed is an overstatement. I can handle a song an hour maybe. Continuous music in stores sucks. Especially in the fabric store this past weekend; it’s not a store targeted at Christmas shopping.

Advent is anticipation. It’s easing into it. It’s playing a Christmas song once in a while as Christmas draws near. How many songs does a radio station play in an hour? Maybe 10-12. So if one of those is a Christmas song, during the first week of Advent, I feel that is acceptable. Gradually increase. By the third week of Advent, maybe three songs an hour. At no time should Christmas songs ever constitute as much as 50% of the playlist. If this occurs, grinchiness will ensue.

Well, yeah, but Sufjan is awesome. He could be singing about tractors or cable TV and it would be worth listening to.

Me, I was in a much worse mood when I was in a doctor’s office before Thanksgiving and a 24-hour Christmas channel was on. And then when the doctor came in he was singing along to it. Ugh. Thank God for satellite radio, is all I can say.

I stopped believing in Christmas from any kind of religious point view a long time ago. But I enjoyed the season.

Now I hate it. And one of the reasons - one of the BIG reasons - is the damn music. You can’t get away from it. It’s on the radio, it’s on TV and every frickin’ store in the world is playing it on the store’s PA. I want to take a shotgun and blow out the speakers.

I do whatever little shopping I do online. Most of the time, I’ll give cash and let it go at that.

Bah Frickin’ Humbug!

My family did a good job of ruining Christmas music for me, Christmas music itself did the rest.