Tooltip on mouse over reads "Sorry, it didn't work."

When I mouse over any thread to get the tooltip, I get

“Sorry, it didn’t work.”

Huh? This just happened about five minutes ago - I have never seen this before, and this is the only machine I use for the SDMB.

OS X 10.4.1 Safari 2.0.4

Rebooted, new User, same thing…

Firefox too. Anyone else?

Firefox, Win2K SP4, and no problems. Have you checked the page source to see whether it’s in there?

Works fine for me.

Nothing in the Source, not even when I export a forum page and break open the HTML.

FreakyDeaky, man.

Anybody know of another vBulletin powered site I can go check out?

Any other Mac users wanna chime in?

Mac 10.4.6 server here with Safari 2.0.3, and I get the the normal mouseover.

Mac 10.4.10 Safari 2.0.4 works for me.

Just curious, why haven’t you guys done the updates? Do you know something I don’t? They tells me to click the button, I click.

Can’t speak for the others, of course, but I have two drives in my Mac, with the second being 10.4.x client, and the one I use most often (which isn’t often at all). So, I rarely use the server install. Tonight, though, I just had that side booted up when I saw this thread.

The server has been updated now, though.

You can use mine: Out of Spaced

I know what happened. It involves unreleased stuff I can’t talk about. (What a strange way to manifest itself though). Sorry if I wasted everyone’s time, and thanks for helping out.