Tooth repair metal frame

What is the repair that leaves a tooth, generally a front tooth, in a tiny square frame of metal? What does edging out a tooth in metal do? I can’t even hit on the correct google combo to find a photo example. The character Francine “Fran” Boyd played by Khandi Alexander on HBO’s *The Corner *sported one, but I can’t find a screen capture good enough to show what the hell I’m asking about.

Is what you are talking about something like this?

No - I think I know what the OP is asking, and it’s not the post-and-core repair.

Not sure I’ve seen such a tooth in a very, very long time if ever, but I think I know what the OP means.

I think I know what you’re talking about, but I’ve no idea what it’s called.

I think when I’ve seen it, the frame was generally gold. I’d always assumed it was a least partly decorative.

Is this what you are talking about?


I dunno if it’s what the OP was talking about, but it’s exactly what I was thinking of.

Yes! That’s it! What does it do? It can’t be just decorative as the clients I’ve seen with it are, generally, not otherwise dressed in a flashy manner and seem to always be wearing the tooth frame.

It’s called “open face”, and it’s usually on a false tooth or denture if it’s not part of a decorative (cough) grill or a cap.

Aha - knowing that term, I got this:

All sorts of stylish and attractive options there. urk.

Aha! Thanks, Lurker!