Tooth Whitening Options

I am a reluctant returnee to the world of dentistry. I had a butcher of a dentist as a child and it kept me away for ten years, because I was frankly terrified. I finally went today and enjoyed a couple of root canals, eight shots of novocaine, and a lovely gum scraping. I am committed to seeing this through and to complete all the work that I need. I will have five visits this year.

When I was twelve I had a front tooth broken in half. It had an ugly cap that will be replaced by a permanent crown. The dentist suggested that I could whiten my teeth before the permanent crown goes in, because once it was in whitening would not be an option (unless I wanted to look spectacularly silly).

This would cost $500 dollars. At home whitening kits cost about $50. Is this something I should do myself? What is the difference anway? I am not eager to shell out this kind of money, but I have neglected my mouth long enough and my teeth are not, ahem, terribly attractive at this point. I googled and most of the sites explaining the procedure seemed to be from either tooth whitening firms or dentists.

I didn’t have too much luck with the what the dentist gave me to use. As in your case I think my teeth were too far gone to come back sparkling white. If I were you I’d give the $50.00 home kit a try or ask the dentist for a guarantee for some degree of measurable success. YMMV.

My impression is that the procedure and product the dentists use is stronger and works faster. My wife has a mold of her teeth and she can do in one session what it takes in 10-12 or more of the over the counter products. She needs to wear her mold about 1-2 hours and she is done.

Go here (Link) for a professional strength whitening kit ($99+$10 S&H). I’ve ordered from them before and they are reputable. And check the FAQ for answers to most people’s questions.

You need to also follow a regular flossing and brushing schedule using the right products.

I used to use Rembrandt toothpastes (which are quite expensive) but have found that Crest Rejuvenating Effects works a lot better and is much cheaper.

I favor electric toothbrushes over manual. I have two of them. In the morning I use an Oral-B 3D model. In the evening, I use a Sonex ultrasonic. I like Sonex better than Sonicare because it has a smaller handle and is quieter.

Another trick for teeth whitening that works is to mix 40% H2O2 (available from beauty supply stores) with regular 3% H2O2 50/50 or 33/67. Then once per day after brushing, take a small sip of this mix (it will expand in your mouth) and swish it around for a few minutes. I usually wind up swallowing it as the swish time goes on and haven’t had any problems. may help you.

The in-office treatment with the bright light works wonders. I think it’s called Zoom something. The other treatment options I’ve tried gave unimpressive results.

Yes the light treatment does work well. However, it is expensive (around $500-$700) and they usually only do the visible teeth. Without intermediate treatments of some sort, your teeth will return to their natural color in 2-6 months.