Top 5 Must Have CD's of 2000 are...?

Mine are pretty easy to choose but what about you. I’m looking for some great new music

My picks…

Vertical Horizon - Everything You Want
Shelby Lynne - I Am Shelby Lynne
Don Henley - Inside Job
Shawn Mullins - Beneath The Velvet Sun
BB King and Clapton - Riding w/the King

What are your, year 2000, must haves?

Johnny Cash - Murder.

That’s the only one that pops into my head right away, but I suspect that that’s a function of the fact that I just bought it two days ago.

All I can think of are
U2- All That You Can’t Leave Behind
Radiohead- Kid A
Oasis- Standing on the Shoulder of Giants

Radiohead- Kid A
Bjork- Selmasongs
The Cure- Bloodflowers
Magnetic Fields- 69 Love Songs

Here are five of my favorites in no particular order.
1)Oh How Life is - Macy Gray
2)The Man Who - Travis
3)No Angel - Dido
4)Figure Eight - Elliot Smith
5)Kid A - Radiohead

Geez–mine have all been mentioned. . .
Johnny Cash–Murder
Magnetic Fields–69 Love Songs
Radiohead–Kid A
U2–All That You Can’t Leave Behind
. . . except Van Morrison and Linda Gail Lewis–You Win Again.

Um, I guess mine would be:

  1. Vertical Horizon, Everything You Want
  2. 3 Doors Down, the better life
  3. Sons of the Desert, Change
  4. There is no 4
  5. Creed, human clay

VnV Nation- Empires/Burning Empires
Suicide Commando- Comatose Delusions
Download- Effector
Tear Garden- Crystal Mass
NIN-Things Falling Apart
Funker Vogt-Machine Ziet
Radiohead-Kid A
Juno Reactor-Shango

Hehe…yeahm so i went over 5…bite me :slight_smile:

Garth- SF Sessions Volume 3
Hooverphonic - The magnificent Tree
Ghost Dog Soundtrack
Ween - Paintin’ the town Brown

Speedealer -here comes death

Hooverphonic has a new one?! cool. That’s going on my Christmas list.

I haven’t bought any cds that were released this year except for the just released Haunted from Poe. It’s extremely good. A much “harder” sound than her first, and this one is both spooky-sounding and tells a story with the music. I’m enjoying it immensely

An addition: Red Hot Chili Peppers - Californication.

If you’re looking for something new, try Great Big Sea. has many song samples. I recommend listening to samples of their self titled album. Their music is usually fast and peppy, and they draw on traditional “celtic” music. (“Mari-mac’s mother’s making Mari-mac marry me, Meri’s mother’s making me marry Mari-mac.” And then lots more lyrics with “marry” in them.) They also did a fast, fun cover version of “It’s The End Of The World As We Know It.”

My “must haves” are:

Bloodflowers - The Cure
Pop Trash - Duran Duran
Loveboat - Erasure
Vapor Transmission - Orgy
Went To Cony Island - Midge Ure

Bear in mind I’m a very literal person. I don’t have the last three yet and really want them, so I consider them “must haves.”

(HalberMensch242 - is the NIN you mentioned new material or remixes?)

To add to the excellent list so far:

Maroon, Barenaked Ladies
The Return of Saturn, No Doubt
Mad Season, matchbox twenty

The Man Who - Travis
Affirmation - Savage Garden
Mad Season - Matchbox 20
Three to Tango soundtrack
And I’m sure when Maroon (BNL) gets released down under it’ll become a must have.

David Holmes - Bow Down To The Exit Sign

I’ll second Kid A and also add the recently released Haunted by Poe to the list. (Oh, I just noticed that TheNerd mentioned her.)

Also, echolyn reunion album, Cowboy Poems Free. My full top 10 list will be available in January, if anyone cares. :stuck_out_tongue:

Several of the above posters 2000 CDs were released in 1999, for the record: RHCP, Travis, and Dido.

Just one on my list so far…

“Blender” by Collective Soul.

I took a listen at the store and was blown away.

Lesa…the NIN is mentioned is an EP of remix materials, and a couple of new songs, including the cover of Metal by Gary Numan, it’s gona be out Nov 23rd…i think, i got a copy of it in advance.

Mine are…

  1. Radiohead, Kid A
  2. Wilco, Mermaid Avenue Vol 2
  3. Travis, The Man Who
  4. Jill Scott, I Am Jill Scott
  5. Sade, the new one that will be out this month.

I also must give props to *NSYNC for No Strings Attached. I mean, everyone felt the force of that record.

Oh, hell yes. (‘Cept I think it’s Who is Jill Scott?) Amazing freakin’ album. She did a couple of songs live on Later (the show that comes on after Conan O’Brien), and was just incredible. I’ve added “See Jill Scott perform ‘It’s Love’ in person” to my list of things to do before I die.