What was the last CD that really impressed you?

The last CD that did that for me was Cave In’s Jupiter. I heard that, and realized that I didn’t have anything like remotely like it.

List some CD’s that had a similar effect on you.

Jets to Brazil - Orange Rhyming Dictionary

All other cd’s I have bought in the past two years aple in comparision. Even the really good one’s.

Aple = Pale


John Kilzer - Busman’s Holiday

Aimee Mann’s Bachelor No. 2. She possesses a clarity of songwriting instinct and imagery that would completely elude most performers. There is not a stinker in the bunch; and in fact, by the time the CD reaches the midpoint, it never loses momentum.

The Apples in Stereo’s Tone Soul Evolution. Bridges a wide variety of styles (power pop, dreampop, psychedelic music, noise rock) with great hooks, note-perfect arrangements, hummable melodies and clever lyrics.

Nickle Creek…self titled bluegrass CD.

The mandolin player (I think he’s like 16 or so) can do amazing things with that instrument.

Yesterday I bought the Doolittle album by the Pixies. I like it quite a bit, but this is by no means a new album. Probably the best albums I bought in a while would have to be the new Radiohead album, Hyacinths and Thistles by the 6ths, Silence is Sexy by Einsturzende Neubauten, the new Gary Numan album (!), and the new PJ Harvey album. Bought the new U2 album, too, but it hasn’t really latched on just yet. Oh yeah, the new The The album is damn good as well. And, as far as new musicians go that no one’s really heard of, you can’t go wrong with Come To Where I’m From by Joseph Arthur. Saw him open for The The, and he’s just phenomenal. Haven’t bought any good new albums this year thus far, but a new Nick CAve album is on the way, as well as a Leonard Cohen live album and the first Foetus album in six years, so hey! the upcoming months are looking good.


Tracy Bonham’s Down Here. Just a fabulous, rockin’ CD.

The Verve- A Storm in Heaven
Remy Zero- Villa Elaine
Pink Floyd- Wish You Were Here

Each one simply amazed me the first time I listened to it
and amaze me more every time.

There’s a new The The album out? I haven’t paid any attention to “what’s new” lately, because I dislike about 99% of it. So I miss the 1% I DO like!

::Running to record store…::

XTC’s “Wasp Star”. On first listen every track sounded like a forgotten favorite. It sounds simultaneously like your favorite album from college and like nothing you’ve ever heard before. Really remarkable.

“Mer de Noms” by A Perfect Circle

It’s a beautiful CD, both vocally and musically. Maynard’s voice brings through a plethora of emotion that somehow manages to captivate you. I listen to it over and over and have not gotten tired of it yet.

Damn, I forgot about that one. When I first put it on and heard the opening to “Playground,” I thought “Woohoo! Andy Partridge is playing some serious guitar again!”

Everything You Can’t Leave Behind by U2. (That is the name right? I haven’t had it out of the CD player since I got it for Christmas.)

Einsturzende Neubauten-“Silence Is Sexy”…this is the only band that can make something out of nothing, literally.

Tear Garden-“The Last Man to Fly”…sure this cd maybe be more then 7 years old, but i’ve just bought it, and it’s fantastic, Romulus and Venus is a song to die for!

Damage Manual-“Damage Manual”…a fantastic 1st effort…a british industrial supergroup…making music to their potential…check out Setting Sun.

Download-“Effector”…a much more solid effort then III and vastly different then Eyes of Stanley Pain…this cd is one of the best electronic cds i’ve heard in a while…refreshing, dense, completely original.

Mesh-“The Point at which Things fall Apart”…synth-pop, done in a non-cheezy way…with some aggresion thrown in.

P.A.L-“Signum”…hmm, you can call em power electronic, D&B,or noize, but it will not deviate from that fact that these guys fuckin rock!

Suicide Commando-“Mind Strip”…this guy has been making minimalstic and harsh EBM for almost a decade, and Mind Strip is by far his most consistent and club friendly record. Still as harsh and angry as ever, but this time around you can dance to it. Stand out tracks: Hellraiser, Raise your God, Love Breeds Suicide.

Muse’s album Showbiz is good, and from what I’ve heard from Paul Weller, I’m going to have to buy an album.
The new Lifehouse and Fuel CDs are really good, too.

Remy Zero is VERY awesome!

Pnau - Sambanova

Funky funky funky! I really annoy all my friends: “Man, you gotta hear this CD, its sooo good”

Battle of LA - Rage Against the Machine
I know a lot of people dislike Rage, but ever since I bought that album I’ve been hooked to them.

Californication by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Great album. I love how they can mix it up with a hard, almost punk song, and move onto the next track with an easy acoustic song.

Mazzy Star- Among my Swan Beautiful haunting melodies. Very easy to mellow out to after a looong day.

Ben Harper- Fight for your Mind Actually, everything Ben Harper

Neko Case and her Boyfriends; Furnace Room Lullabye…haunting country tinged roots music written and sung by an ex punk drummer…beautiful music and thoughtful lyrics, not a bad cut on the album…a keeper and well worth seeking out.