Top Baby names by State since 1980.

Quite an interesting study compiled by the Social Security dept.
You can select any year starting with 1980 to the present.

Here is 1984. The year the Macintoshcame out and its the 30th birthday for these babies.

I’m puzzled why the numbers are so low. 7,474 Michael in the entire state of California for 1984? 5,518 Jennifer for California. The number 1 names only had roughly 13,000 hits for the entire year? :confused: I realize the births that year must have resulted in hundreds of registered baby names. I still expected more of a consensus.

Anyway, if you’re under 30 then you can look yourself up. See if your name is in the top 5. Or check your kids birth years.

If I get some time, I’ll try to lift this data from the page with Snag It. Get it into a spreadsheet. Then import into an Access db. I can use Crystal Reports to generate more stats. Like how many states listed Michael as their #1 name. Crystal makes it easy. Group By and a group footer total is all that is needed. Group By Name, State would list and subtotal all names and which states included them.

There should be additional Social Security stats for years before 1980. Feel free to seek them out and post the links.

I’m not surprised that Jessica was big in the mid-80s. One year, my daughter had 5 friends named Jessica. That’s when we instituted the rule that she could only befriend Jessicas so we didn’t have to worry about remembering names! :smiley:

I wonder if those stats take into account all the various spellings of names. I know six Caitlyns all spelled differently. I honestly hope they retire the name because I can’t remember how to spell each one!

Wow, Michael didn’t even hit Top 5 in California in 2010, but Angel did? William wasn’t in there, either.