Top Religious Leader of Saudi Arabia bans Chess

In a fatwa against it, he calls it a Work of Satan.

Obviously though, he must not be a true Muslim… errr… Well, this is not because of Islam per-se, it is because of the history of Colonialism…or something like that.

Money? It’s the cheapest game in the world. You could play it on a sheet of paper with smaller bits of paper as pieces. Real experts can dispense with physical pieces and play the game in their heads.

Completely off the wall speculation here, but could this have anything to do with the growing hostility between the Saudis and Iran? I know the deep roots of chess are in India, but the game took form and spread from Persia. Could this be an anti-Persian thing?

Obviously though you are a stupid prejudcied bigot asshole.

The stupid Saudi mufti issued a stupid opinion and he is the usual stupid narrow-minded wahhabi salafiste idiot the Saudi preachers always are.

The idiot did not ban anything, the Saudi chess federation still plays and they are mocking him.

none of this has anything to do with “true muslims” expect in the minds of stupid bigots.

No that is a absurd speculation.

If it is motivated by any thing other than that preacher’s idiocy, it is the Saudi elite trying to show off how narrow minded and purist Salafist idiot they are as they cut the subventions to the population.

**Top Religious Leader of Saudi Arabia bans Chess

**This calls for a Kevin Bacon chess paying rebel movie!

Well, if one scrolls down one can see that the rulers of the Emirates and other influential Saudis did claim that they will not mind him much and continue with the tournaments they organize. Makes you wonder how important that Religious leader is.

One of my favorite stories about Ibn Taymiyyah, the medieval writer whose writings have been extremely influential to the modern Islamist and terrorist movements and who was purportedly described by Ibn Battuta as having “a screw loose”, goes as follows:

Taymiyyah was being led by soldiers to what he and everyone else assumed was his execution, after his repeated calls against the rulers. Suddenly, he breaks away from them and runs to the side of the road, and kicks over a chessboard that two men were playing at. “Forbidden!”

Still, despite this historical anecdote and Saudi Arabia’s general terribleness, some points:

  1. According to the article, there is no indication yet that chess has actually been banned

  2. Saudia Arabia has an organized chess association, which they wouldn’t if this was something generally acknowledged there as forbidden. The article mentions a recognized tournament taking place in Mecca, of all places. Tell me when the government-sanctioned wine and bacon tasting event is taking place there.

  3. His being a “true Muslim” does not make the vast majority of Muslims who ignore his fatwa “not true Muslims” nor does it mean that the religious reasoning they use is invalid or insincere.


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No, more likely people will say that just because one Muslim says something stupid, it doesn’t mean that all Muslims agree with him and are equally stupid.

I would have thought that it had something to do with the Queen being the most powerful

If he wants to complain about wastes of money, there are far bigger ones in Saudi Arabia and throughout the Middle East. (Like this guy’s ridiculous car collection in Abu Dhabi.)

I didn’t seeing anything in the OP to support this. Is this based on some previous context I’m unaware of?

In medieval times, when the occasional Christian priest would sermonize against chess it was usually because people were betting on it. I’ve heard that in some areas, at some times, the betting was on end-game scenarios, rather than full games. Full games took too long if betting was the major point.

Probably has nothing to do with the current situation, but money was mentioned.

I think it was this part:

Then you are equally a stupid person

This idiot comment only has any sense in the usual bigot discourse and thinking, as this commenter easily saw

By the way, who (if anyone) is qualified to say if someone is a “true” Muslim and by what (if any) metric?

Well, yeah, but there’s no such thing as friendly chess. You play for money or you play for blood.

it is wahhabi salafiste idiocy. They imagine the gambling and the like in anything they decide they dislike.