<Topic that's never been discussed before>...

…is what I’d like to discover. Reading through the various forums, I’ve heard repeatedly that “that’s been discussed here.”

Is there a topic that hasn’t been broached here at the SDMB? I’m talking about general topics that would be perfectly acceptable to discuss here, but that haven’t been. I realize that many topics are off limits, and they shouldn’t be included.

So, how about it? Can anyone list a topic that’s never been seen? It should be a real topic that could be discussed intelligently, but that no one’s thought to ask about. I’d like to try to keep it impersonal, thus no topics regarding a particular Doper’s personal affairs, many of which have not been discussed here, with good reason.

I would have posted this in GQ, but it’s a pretty mundane question, and the quality of posts in this thread will deteriorate fairly quickly, I think. But this is what pops to the surface of the quagmire that is my Wednesday brain.

In Greate Debates, I don’t recall a topic about the authenticity of work credited to DaVinci, nor one about the validity of the Nicene canonicals. They would be two good topics to debate.

What topic has never been discussed before?

Sorry. Had to ask that.

How about, what did they call the days of the week before they came up with our current system? Why did they put them in the order they did? How come they named some after gods, and some not, when they still had gods left to get pissed that days weren’t named after them?

At this point, it would be really hilarious for me to post a link to a thread similar to this one, but I don’t have the patience to search for one. Let’s just all pretend like I did, OK?

I cannot BELIEVE we missed THAT one! I mean, after Constantine—a PAGAN, ferchrissake—put in the fix and completely hijacked Christianity for the next sixteern hundred years…