Topics we can all agree on!

No matter if your views lean left, right, middle, up, down, or diagonal, there are some things that as people we can all agree upon. I have been on this board for going on three years and I have yet to see one thing that backs up my theory.

So in the spirt of the Holidays lets come together as a message board and lets post topics/ideas that as people we can all agree upon! Afterwards there will be smores and much singing and rejoicing :slight_smile:

Me first…

  1. Baby killers are bad
  2. Rapists are bad
  3. The Sun provides us with warmth and light

Thats all I got…

  1. Chocolate Milk is good, even when you’re old.
  2. Kittens are cute.
  1. The sky is blue.

  2. The only universal measurement across the globe used and not argued upon is Time.

Having a snowball fight at any age is a blast

Watching your kids open presents is wonderful

More bacon.

Broken toes suck.

While Music may be close to being the Universal Language, there are not many things quicker to bring heated arguments than issues relating to musical tastes. Even people who seem to agree on the style of music involved (Rock, Folk, Jazz, Blues, Pop, Classical, Instrumental, Vocal, Country, Latin, name it) will argue with vigor about sub-genres, artists, bands, etc.

The only constant is change.
x + y = y + x

2 + 2 = 5, for very large values of 2 (sorry, couldn’t resist… skip this one)

Happiness shared is doubled, sadness shared is halved.

Agreed!! Amazing how much a little freakin pinkie toe can hurt when broken!

Winter colds/illnesses suck.

Not at night, during a storm, at sunset/rise.

But people have many different calendars. And five minutes means something completely different in New York to five minutes in Jamaica.

Also, I’m sorry but chocolate milk is bad, especially to those who are lactose intollerant.

More bacon, I would agree with, but it aint Kosher or Halal or Vegitarian, so there are several dopers who wouldn’t agree.

Well, I take exception to that.

I live in Seattle.

A cup of tea, made with the first pitcher of water with a new Brita filter, is a very, very good thing.

The first tulip of Spring is always a cheering sight.

Having your back scratched is a Wonderful Thing.

The smell of fresh bread baking.

The feel of clean sheets.

Children laughing.

Puppies, too, are cute (for about a month or until they start nibling your shoes)

Malls in December are nightmareish

the scent of backyard grilling is pleasing

Chocolate milk is disgusting. That is not a universal at all.

*Opening *presents is wonderful.

Having your hair washed and scalp scrubbed is yummy, as are massages.

Mud is muddy.

Fire is hot, and putting your body parts in it is not the smartest idea we’ve had in a week.

“Better than a sharp stick in the eye” may be true, but not always a good argument.