Torchwood--Does it get better?

We’ve been going through Torchwood. We’re still in season one. It’s been tolerable-to-okay for the most part. But we just watched two really awful episodes in a row. One is the one with the ghost of a young man who had had what he thought was an alien artifact since he was a kid. The next one was the one with the three people from the fifties who accidentally flew an airplane into 2008 (or whatever year that was).

So my wife and I just thought these two episodes were “Give me the last two hours of my life back!” bad.

Should we give up now? Or does the show get better than this?

(Why did we not like them? Both were way over the top mawkish, the ghost one had this horrible voice-over narration, and both were extremely implausible all around in terms of character. We’re not asking for great writing or plot plausibility here, but newly introduced people weren’t acting like people, and established characters weren’t acting like (people or) themselves.)

No it doesn’t, if anything the second season is worse. I find it odd you did not like the time travel episode as it was probably one of the better ones.

At one point in the second season there is a wedding episode where people are chasing a body jumping alien and creating a comedy of errors while still trying to get the crazy kids hitched, at one point a pregnant woman in a wedding dress with makeup monster contacts and teeth is menacing the team. I was embarrassed to be seen watching it…:smack:

The first season is mediocre and the second season is a little better. The third and fourth seasons, on the other hand, are arc-based miniseries that are some of the best sci-fi to come out on TV in recent years.

Unfortunately, you’ll need to watch the early seasons to get the character backstory, but it’s worth it.

Googling around I am discovering many people think the one with people from the fifties is one of the best episodes of the series! And there are even those who think the one with the ghost with the supposed alien artifact is one of the better episodes as well!


Probably I should stop.

Well, if 3 and 4 are suppoesed to be “some of hte best sci fit to come out of TV in recent years” I am willing to go through 1 and 2. I know how to enjoy not enjoying things. :wink:

I thought the first season had decent stories, but that the characters and dialogue were atrocious, it certainly suffered from the whole “look at me I can curse and be all mature” thing that makes so many of the late night and premium cable shows feel juvenile. The second season improved in the character and writing department, some of them even became somewhat likeable, but the stories were rather dull and uninteresting. I enjoyed Children of the Earth immensely the first time round,largely because it was short and sweet and didn’t try to be much like the previous seasons. I haven’t personally seen Miracle Day, but from what I’ve heard it’s just as bad as the rest.

There are some good stories but some real stinkers too. I thought “Adam” was pretty good (apart from his doofy hair).

I hate to complain about this issue of all issues but making every team member a bisexual was a bit much, I mean Jack of course but the rest were from contemporary Earth. It seemed like another example of being sensational for sake of the later time slot.

Who else on the team was bisexual?

The smug guy, the tech chick, Ianto who has a plot related girlfriend early on then falls for Jack.

Unless you are asking if the character explicitly identifies as bi on screen well I don’t know, but they do have sex with a member of the same sex(or alien they think is human) on screen.

Three, yes, but four? That shit was dreadful. I’m not sure I’ve ever met anyone that liked it. Even my mate Punkis that’ll enjoy literally anything that describes itself as Sci-Fi. Anything. Even he thought it was a trifle dodgy.

I think this was the Random Shoes episode. I liked it.

No it does not get better. It was never good. Stop now. (And I’m a huge fan of Jack Harkness but only when he was in Doctor Who.)

I think the first two seasons were very uneven but pretty poor. However, the third season was fantastic and, IMHO, worth slogging through the first two seasons for.

I haven’t seen the fourth season.

There was the mini-season/series - CHildren of the Earth - I think - that is definitely worth watching.

That’s what’s described here as “Season 3.” And I agree. But I’ll watch anything with John Barrowman in it. :wink:

I have to say, I didn’t last long with it, maybe it works better for pre teens.

Three and four are actually great, but there is no reason at all to sit through the first two seasons if you are hating them. Just watch the good stuff, you already know who the characters are.

Children of Earth was OK, though not anywhere near as earth-shatteringly amazing as it is generally made out to be. The most recent mini-series, whose name escapes me, was horrifyingly, embarrassingly bad. Really, really terrible.

Miracle Day? I started watching it on Starz before I even knew it was a Doctor Who spin-off. I thought it had a fascinating premise – what if no one ever (and I do mean EVER) dies? It doesn’t take long before things get a little crowded on ol’ Earth. It had a few clunkers, but I thought it was overall a pretty good show. I’m looking forward to the next part.