tore both patellar tendons - thats gotta hurt

Ex Razorback Greg Childs rookie season for the Vikings ended early. He is a wide receiver.

That sounds like a possible career ending injury? It’ll be awhile before he’s even walking again. Both knees blown out at one time. Ouch!

I remember when something like that happened to Wendell Davis… I’ve torn both patellas… however i did mine seven years apart… Wish the young guy good look… He can make it back… It’s gonna be a while…

Gary Baxter (CB, Browns) tore both his patellar tendons in one landing, ending his career.

I see the Vikings’ curse continues unabated.

Cadillac Williams tore one patellar tendon and then the other, and managed to come back from both injuries. He was never the same, but he had never recaptured his rookie form before getting hurt anyway.