TORn has some wonderful ROTK pics - MAJOR spoilers

These guys always have goods first. Check it out!

A few great ROTK pics

[spoiler]I love that shot of Pippin stealing the palantir! I’m so glad this scene will be in. Gandalf will be way pissed when he wakes up.

And how about Sam and Frodo dressed as orcs?[/spoiler]


Major spoilers, eh? I’ve never read the books, so I can only assume they’re of pivotal plot points. They look cool, but I still feel pretty darn unspoiled.

Yes, that was me behind you in the theater at FotR saying, “Oh my god, Gandalf DIES?!” :slight_smile:

Well, there’s one very revealing plot spoiler in there; as for the rest, even those who have read the books may not want to see how the scenes will look ahead of time, so I thought I’d warn them and give them a choice of looking or not.

As for me, I can’t resist looking.

The Mt. Doom scene looks like it was filmed at an honest-to-God volcano!