Tornadoes in Wisconsin

The tornadoes started by the Dells and followed Interstate 90 & 94 to Portage and then Poynette. Semi’s went off the road between Wisconsin Dells and Portage. A semi went off the road at the I 90/94 & I39 interchange just outside of Portage stopping traffic completely. Flying debris has damaged vehicles in that area causing accidents. Non confirmed wood through windshield in car. Emergency services mobilized to the I90/94 Portage area. There are numerous strong small cells that have gone over central and southern Wisconsin. No loss of life reported yet. New storms keep spawning.

Many other places have had and are currently having tornadoes.

I’m so worried, I put on pants.

I got fully dressed and loaded my pockets with essential items. My wallet, keys, camera, flashlight, and such.

Token Creek just had a tornado report.

Maple Bluff, Sun Prairie, Windsor.

Fox Lake, Ripon ,

Rio moving south.

Storm are slow moving and keep reforming.

No towns wiped out, so don’t everybody think were wiped out.

I was worried so much I signed for my neighbor’s UPS package…what?

I did pack the cat into her crate in case we have to go hide somewhere. Other than that…I’ve been piecing a quilt. I don’t even have a drop of rain. I have learned, though that I live right across the street from a tornado siren. Charlie Shortino just said that there would be places in the county without a drop of rain…looks like I’ll have to go out and water as soon as the tornado warning expires.

Good luck to all Wisconsinoids in the vicinity.

I’m gonna wait this one out in Lake Michigan. Water temp is up to 50 so should be okay.

I spent a half hour in the basement storm shelter with the dogs (having carried one 50-pounder down the stairs because she wouldn’t go on her own) during a tornado warning. I think it was for north and east of us, though. When we came out the sun was shining (I saw a rainbow), but we’d obviously gotten a ton of wind and rain.

Now it’s just a rumble and some rain now and then. But I’m well north of the stormier zone down south. Keep us posted!

In the meantime I’ll keep plugging away on this chapter due to ship to the client tomorrow. It’s gonna be a late night if I have to keep going into the basement. But hopefully that was the only time.

(Man, I hate bad weather. It scares the ever-lovin’ crap out of me.)

My worries have passed. Off with my pants!

Hm. Lights flickering. Should get into lake now.

I started the morning at about 5:00 with a rain and the power dying. The pole outside had arcing from the transformer feed wire to the pole.

I got to watch a sandhill crane run from eight redwinged black birds.

Lastly the tornadoes come, and I had thought the day interesting already.

They have some pretty impressive picture of the tornadoes, and they are impressive.

I know the area by the I90/94 & I39 interchange very well. My grandpa’s farm was visiable from the Cascade Ski Hill entrance. He had a mile long gravel drive to the farm. My uncle bought the farm a couple years after my grandpa moved. I knew a lot of people in the Caladonia area. The DNR building on county U was the only farm not torn down inthe area when they turned it into a wildlife refuge. The previous owner was like Pa Kettle, and the place was a dump. I believe one of the sheds there are what got taken out.

The tornado near portage hit the Ski Hi Campground, went to Petrol, then hit the housing developement by the Wisconsin river. Someone I know built a new house years ago on the old family farm. The new house is not touched the tornado went across the field between the new home and the the older farm buildings. The older farm has damage. The high tension powerlines are down and twisted near the interchange on highway 78. It’s the I 90/94 & I39 & hwy. 78 interchange. There are a number of garages down and roofs missing in the housing developement on the Wisconsin River. The large trees that are not ripped up by the roots are snaped off ten feet up.

It must’ve jumped us. I was watching all the northern Illinois watches/warnings, but we didn’t even get a rumble. Then I saw the Trauma Map and it just hovered over southern Wisconsin. Glad to hear y’all are ok.

Good luck to you all, & I hope you have deep basements.

One tornado followed River Road from Baraboo to Portage. Most of the road goes along the Pine Island public hunting area. The Pine Island Reserve sustained a lot of dameage. A farm close to the edge of the reserve went down. It was a neighbor of my aunt’s. My aunt and uncle went down to the farm right after the tornado to check on the lady that owns it. She made it from the barn to the house in time to avoid the tornado that hit the barn.

The Bar outside Wisconsin Dells on highway 16 heading to Portage got hit. The Bar, the house of the owner and anything else on the property are destroyed.

Shit! That bar is the first place I ever got really tanked underage at. Denny Dean was playing and I was doing Tequila shots. We were having a dance on the bar put your name and number on the Hot Sex poster kind of night.

Here in Cottage Grove we didn’t even get rain but I did watch a funnel appear and then disappear while driving home on N from Stoughton area. We raced home to get the horses in but once we were there we could tell it wasn’t coming our way.

Wow, I didn’t even know there were tornadoes. I guess I should turn the TV on occasionally. Hope everyone is doing OK.

The good Madison tv stations didn’t run shows or commericals sometime after 7:00 PM until 10:00 PM.

There were likely 3 tornadoes from the Dells down to Poynette. One was to the northwest of Portage, while one was a bit south of Portage at the same time.

The sirens were going off, but we didn’t even get a drop of rain. There was some thunder and that was it. Things looked pretty scary up around Portage, though.