Torture? Meh, who gives a crap?

How about those thousands of people who burned to death or were forced to jump from the twin towers? THAT’s torture.

These murderous Muslim ragheads made their beds, they can lie in 'em and rot.

Good summary of ridicioulus position of torture advocates.

In fact, we should burn some of their buildings with civilians in them. An eye for an eye!

I’m not advocating torture, just couldn’t care less about these raghead assholes that are whining about it.

I remember when America had the best trolls in the world. Now we come behind Norway and Chad. Before long, Canada will have more advanced trolling technology!

Come on, OP! We can do better!

Thing is though, allowing torture puts a lot of power in the hands of a few individuals. Do you trust these people to have all that power? What if they made a mistake in their investigation? What if they’re corrupted? I know most people would admit anything after 2 weeks of sleep deprivation and constant flirting with death.

Most people I see “whinning about it,” are not “rag head assholes,” but good old Apple pie loving Americans.

Whatever. Don’t bomb buildings full of innocent civilians and you won’t get tortured. Seems fair enough to me.

You’re a piece of shit. But I guess you knew that.

Do you really think the only people who were tortured were people who bombed buildings full of innocent civilians?

You are giving [del]him[/del] it much too much credit. “Piece of sub-human slime” would be more accurate.

Ah, yes: “Whatever” - the last argument for those without an argument. The equivalent of a five-year-old saying “Yeah, well duh.”

To paraphrase the President, “It’s not what we do in peaceful times that defines us; it’s how we act during times of stress.”

Yes - if they weren’t guilty - we wouldn’t need to torture them. We should also start using the throw them in water - and if they drown - well they truly were innocent - and if they don’t - we burn or stone them.

Maybe we should put them in camps like we did to the Japanese and torture them (two for one).

Am I the only one that is 99% against torture - and leave the 1% open for those that think torture is ok? Not that I would torture them, but if it turned out they were - I wouldn’t lose much sleep over it.

I think it’s usually the US that bombs buildings full of innocent civilians (usually in error, but that’s small comfort to the dead). The terrorists, generally lacking an airforce, have to resort to IEDs and flying airplanes directly into things and the like.

Odds on when this guy will be banned?

You libtards on this board are so predictable.

I didn’t think it possible for Smapti to have an evil twin.

I never thought such insults would be used to describe this guy.

I was shocked to see a March rather than a December Join date.

LOL! That was my first reaction too!