Toshiba DVD recorder problem

I’ve got a problem: I have a Toshiba DVD recorder (I think it’s a DR430 model), and I am allowed to record on old discs that have been used over and over again, but when I put in a fresh disc, it rejects it and has an error message. The discs I’m using (old and new) are Memorex DVD+RW. Why will it let me record on used discs, but reject new ones? What could be my problem?

New discs not formatted properly?

It won’t even let me format them! It tries to format the new disc, and that’s when the error message comes up.

If it’s anything like my Toshiba DVD recorder you have to use DVD-RW discs. It’s the only kind that, AFAIK, can be recorded on over and over. I’ve mistakenly bought DVD+RW discs, once or twice.

it might have trouble with a particular batch of a brand.

off load your discs that are working, mark them as good, use them.

No, both DVD-RW and DVD+RW can be recorded on repeatedly. It’s DVD-R and DVD+R that are single-use.

The difference between the - and + formats is more technical, but basically the + format is newer, and some older DVD recorders don’t like them.

That’s what we found out, the hard way. Fortunately, we got a pack of the DVD-RWs yesterday at the Radio Shack; we tried one, and it worked. So, in essence, you’re right-- problem solved.

Just curious, given how cheap that single use DVD-R discs are why even bother with the reusable DVD-RWs? I haven’t bought one of those in like 15 years!