Total number of IRAQI military casualties, so far?

Well, the title says it all, to put it bluntly. Does anyone here know?

Very high. As a WAG, I would say about a couple of thousand.

I’m pretty sure the military is avoiding making estimations like that.

The last Gulf war, the Pentagon never did release an “official” estimate of Iraqi casualties, and denied they even MADE such an estimate. There was widespread disbelief of this claim, because enemy casualties have traditionally been key indicators of military efficiency. There was also speculation that the number was too large to be released, that it would have shocked and apalled the world community.

The paper here today said 425 estimated Iraqi casualties,4000POWs. 59 US/British casualties…this was from a map and graphic created by the AP.

There really is no way to know…let’s say we blow up 5 tanks and 3 AAA nests. We wouldn’t know if they were full, manned by a skeleton crew, or empty.