Total number of SDMB posts since the beginning?

Does anyone know where I can find out this information?

A database admin would have to run a ridiculously simple SQL query to determine this, but I’m afraid we have no admin at the time posting.

Are there any recent counts to get an idea?

I might be able to get the answer, but using the reports it will take a bit I think. (if it doesn’t just time out).

OK, I can get reports a year at a time it looks like. Give me a little bit and I’ll generate a rough answer. Too big a range and the report fails.

Isn’t it on the about page? 23.2M

Posts. All-time.

Good find :+1:. I’ve expected the number to be higher.

Did all of our threads survive the transition to Discourse?

I think they did, but we lost some a long time ago and we lost some user records along the way.

I don’t know all the inner workings, but I think so. If you transfer the whole database, then all entries have to be transferred. Otherwise, this site would be a mess now. OTOH, there was the winter of our missed content, a legendary incident from before my days here on the Dope.

Is that number somewhat up to date, and does it include any previous versions, like AOL?

I don’t think it includes AOL. I only see 154,000 posts in 1999. That was the transition year right?

The Count to a Million thread has a real chance! Nice to know.

It’s actually higher than one would think given the current post count. The current post count per week is 10.5K. That’s 546K per year.

546K times 20 years is only 10.9 million. In order for the number to be 23 million, some of those years had to be significantly higher than the current posting rate.

So the number I get is a little lower. But I’m not sure how the report rounds and if there are possible posts without dates. From 1999 to Current I get 22,895,000 posts. The difference might be AOL posts that didn’t come over cleanly or just bad rounding on the reports.

For my own statistics I only count quality posts, which for me is around 97% of total (overall it is right around 62%).

What does the row “Users” mean?
Users 7 32 114 131k

Seven in the last 24 hours?

According to the column headers, yes.
Last 24 hours . . . Last 7 days . . . Last 30 days . . . All Time

I can tell you that there were 5 socks & more than 2 spammers I know of in the last 24hrs. So I’m not sure what the 7 actually means in this case.

According to codinghorror, users is new users.

Here’s a report of trends on new signups and new contributors for the year from ecg on July 9

Spammers, sure, but five socks in 24 hours? Dang. You guys are certainly kept busy.

I can tell you that, since March, there have been 126 threads with no response to the OP.