Totally irrational pet peeves. What are yours?

I can’t stand when people sing along with the radio in the car when there are other passengers trying to listen to the song. My wife is the worst offender of this. She will sing along to every chorus and random line she may know while I’m sitting right there next to her. Let’s listen to the radio honey. Ok? If you’re in the car by yourself you can sing to your hearts content.

Please dont just put my tools ON the tool box when you are done with them. Put them IN the drawer you took them from to begin with.

Kids. Stop putting the cereal box back in the pantry with 2 grains of cereal left.

Radio talk show hosts. Please stop eating while you are on the air. It’s disgusting listening to you chew and talk with a mouth full of food.

Those seem pretty rational to me (depending on how good/bad your wife sings, that is).

My most irrational pet peeve is probably people changing plans. I’m not a “play it by ear” type of person, and I don’t “wing it”. I’m a planner, people! I like to know what I’m doing and when I’m doing it, way in advance. When you so cavalierly change the plans, that totally discombobulates me and puts my whole world into question. I do not like it. Do what you say you will, when you say you will! I do wish I was more flexible, but let’s face it, I’m not.

I don’t know about irrational, but it drives me up the wall when co-workers clip their nails at work.

Yes, they do that.

Granted, they do do it directly over a wastebasket. But still. Ugh. It’s unclean. I want to scream every time. I usually have to leave my desk when I hear that foul “CLIP. CLIP.”

Cell phones irritate me way beyond what is reasonable.

I mean I go to the park and everyone is on a cell phone, ignoring their dog, who’s so desperate for any attention they’re rubbing up against me, or ignoring their kids. I see two people walking hand and hand, each one talking on a cell phone to someone else.

I see a guy on the bus who every five minutes has to call his girlfriend to explain where the bus is now.

Cashier’s talking on them or texting WHILE they’re checking me out.

It just seems cell phones have become an easy way to be rude.

And I know it’s not like this for real, but it sure seems that way to me

Improper use of ellipsis. Three periods in succession people. Adding additional periods doesn’t accentuate your point.
People not using a turning signal while driving.
People who talk on their phone as if the person on the other end can’t hear them. (Yes, I will let you know.)
People who have to 1-up everything you say.
Fucking douche bags who use their phones in theaters. One of these days you’re going to piss the wrong mother fucker off. Just say’n.
People who get in the fast lane and go slower than everyone else in the fast lane… while there’s 10miles between his/her car and the car in the lane he/she just left.
Anyone who comes to my door uninvited.
When you say something to someone and they say “What?” then answer the question without you replying to “What?”.
Bible Thumpers that spin an answer when they don’t know the answer to the question.

Man I can go on and on but I gotta sleep. I’ll be here all night!

I posted a whole thread about this awhile back…

But one of my irrational pet peeves would be those “trendily” looped scarves. I think I remember dopers telling me it was called the “euro-loop” or something like that. And this is truly, completely irrational. I don’t know why they bug me, they just do. Sorry to those of you who wear and love them!

Looped scarves? Do you have a jpg or something so I can see what you’re talking about?

RAWR, yes! The whole rest of your list too but this a thousand times. What the hell is that all about anyway?

I just use it as a processing word like “um.” I usually legitimately didn’t process what you say, but then a second later my brain starts working again and goes “oh, you meant…”

Scarf knots
My assumption is that it’s the parisian knot that is under discussion, but I suppose it could be the over the shoulder one that clearly is doing nothing other than dangling and ‘looking pretty’.

I thought I was the only one.

How about people (awright, women) who remove their sweatshirt or jacket and tie it around their waist?

A look that is beyond ridiculous.

People who cannot be bothered to communicate.

Student: I am looking for a book.
Librarian: What kind of book?
Student: I’m not sure.
Librarian: Is it for a class?
Student: I think so.
Librarian: Which class?
Student: I dunno, I can’t remember what its called.
Librarian: Which instructor teaches the class?
Student: I can’t remember his name.

(I didn’t really say that out loud. At least I don’t think I did.)

Wearing pajamas pants in public. You may get a pajama pass if you are standing in line at the pharmacy, but you better look like you would welcome death.

I used to do that, when I was younger and it was more common. If I ever find myself doing it now, I feel very self conscious, so avoid it. I now carry a backpack when I go for a walk so I can pack extraneous clothing.

Having said that, what I find annoyingly pretentious is a jumper draped over the shoulders. It’s typically a preppy tennis playing cliché, but I’ve seen plenty of people do it in other situations, including an old friend of mine.

Oh forgot one.

Women, flip flops are not appropriate to work in a business environment. Even if you are attractive and have cute feet and are wearing a skirt.

Neither are Crocs. Ever.

I don’t know about this. Whenever I see it, I always wonder if maybe the woman has her period, had some embarrassing leakage, and is covering a stain until she can get home and change her clothes.

Oh, this to the millionth degree! Somehow, somehow, flip flops have become trendy enough that they now come in ‘formal’. Just hell no.

Medical workers (nurses, phlebotomists, etc.) get a pass from me on the Crocs at work. Everyone else needs to get some proper damn work shoes.

Wearing your scarf that way is really really warm, you laugh at wind chill.

People who read over your shoulder while your on the computer. Drives me insane!

Oh and Cubsfan, if you and I are ever in a car together lets leave the radio off ok?:smiley:

It peeves me to no end that there are TVs EVERYwhere. I don’t want to watch TV while waiting in line at the post office, or as I’m shopping, or at the bank, or in a waiting room of any kind. They mostly seem to be set to Faux News or some stupid Jerry Springer type show, they’re loud and obnoxious.

Why can’t people stand to be alone with their own thoughts, or a book or something? Hell, in this day and age of portable music and internet, if you don’t like to read then bring your own damned entertainment. And headphones too, please.

So what should I do with it? I tie it around my waist because I want my hands free, it’s not meant to be a fashion statement.