Tough story ID

A creative writing teacher read us a story in class (circa early 90s). It was from a book, not something someone in class or she herself wrote. It was basically a short piece from the point of view of a fish but the fish was not anthropomorphized. It was basically what a fish would think and feel. Very simple, declarative sentences like, “I am hungry; I must eat.” There was also a part where it describes eating its “brothers” (i.e. the other fish born with it). I have tried to Google this but my memory is too vague so I am hoping someone else may have read it. Anyone?

Would it have been in something like a Norton’s Anthology of Short Fiction?

I wish I could answer that. The Prof read it to us (it was that short). Definitely was a book of short stories though.

I found this online story. It’s told from the point of view of a fish but it doesn’t sound like the one you described.

There is a story in an edition of Norton’s short fiction called “My life as a mollusk”- but I can’t find a synopsis of it.