Tour da U.P. 2012 Wrap-up

Pretty good trip (Porcupine Mts region) , other than the WX. There was a horrible headwind the later half of day 1 (and to a lesser extent day 2) The rain on night two didn’t bother me - my tent is well made. Day 3 was nice for my hike from Summit Peak to Lake of the Clouds and back to the camground (10 to 12 miles)

It started to rain after lunch on day 4, and it rained until shortly after supper. Didn’t rain at all that night, but started again just before breakfast. I and about half the riders said fooey and rode in cars.

I won an award for helping unload the luggage truck and stting up the breakfast tent.

Pics here (I think I set it up so you don’t need a facebook account to view)


You have written about some of your previous trips. I’ll bet that is a real nice ride.

Yes, this my my 7th year (1st repeat route, though it was slightly different than last time) , and I have posted about some of them (last year for sure, not sure about previous years)

Next year is Keweenaw Penninsula - day off in Copper Harbor (Ft Wilkins State Park) - a very scenic ride.