Tour da U.P 2014
The brochurehas recently become available.

Day 1: Gladstone to Marquette
Day 2: to Ishpeming and back to Marquette
Day 3: Day off in Marquette
Day 4: to Au Train and inland to Eben Junction
Day 5 Eben Junction to Gladstone

I’m actually iffy this year, as I’m doing Cycle Greater Yellowstone later in August and may not have the vacation days

I’ve also done this route before. (at this point I think I’ve done every route). It is convenient to be in the same place 3 nights. Marquette and the beach at Au Train were nice.

Will see.



Seems like a nice ride. I’m doing the 250 mile KATY Trail in Missouri in June. Maybe next year.

I think the snow will be gone by then, but you never know.

It’s interesting that they say Day 2 will include a “preview” of the Heritage Trail. It’s too bad they’re not going to ride it; it’s a great new trail. Unfortunately it’s not paved 100% of the way, but even so, it’s nice enough that any decent touring bike oughta be fine on it. Riding to Ishpeming and back on the roads is kind of dull, not much scenery IMO.

Lat time I think we rode on the trail (as much as there was ) one way and the roads on the way back. I assume there is more trail now.


The trail goes all the way to Ishpeming (and maybe beyond?) now. I think they finished it late last summer. It’s really nice!