Toymaker Gives Kids the Finger

Unlike the “Toy Story II” thread, this is not a hoax:


Today, the American Family Association criticized Flambeau Corporation,
parent company of Duncan Toy Company, the largest maker and distributor of
yo-yos in the U.S., for it’s newest sales pitch…‘The Finger.’
In a pre-Christmas advertising blitz designed to introduce its new
“Hard-core Series” of yo-yos, Duncan began airing a television commercial
that bounces from one rebellious personality to the next, each floating the
crude gesture of social disrespect into the camera in slow motion. After 17
“one finger salutes”, the announcer tags the 30-second spot, “Give us the
finger, we’ll give you the power.”

ACTION URGED: Contact Flambeau Corporation, parent of the Duncan Toy
Company, and politely express your outrage over their attack on America’s

Flambeau Products Corporation
Duncan Toys Division
President Jason Sauey
15981 Valplast Road
P.O. Box 97
Middlefield, MI 44062
Ph 800-356-8396 (Flambeau Corp.)
Ph 800-232-3474 (Duncan Toys)
Fax 440-632-1581

Tim Wildmon, Vice-president of the American Family Association, called it
“negligent” and "irresponsibility of the lowest form. Duncan Toys should be
ashamed of themselves for legitimizing the most antagonistic and obscene
symbol of our society in exchange for a few dollars profit."Wildmon
continued, “For decades, the Duncan yo-yo has been as much of an American
icon as baseball and blue jeans. Today they have deserted their long
established character as a children’s toy maker for a new status - social
renegade. Parents will be outraged to learn that Duncan Toys is subverting
the core moral values they want their children to exercise. By promoting
such behavior, Duncan is defying the trust of those who kept them in
business a generation ago, the parents of today’s customers.”

AFA has called on Duncan Toy Company President Jason Sauey to immediately
recall the offensive commercial before more children learn to associate
anti-social behavior with their product. AFA believes the gesture has long
been associated with provoking violence and that Duncan should realize their
corporate responsibility to children by pulling the spot. “Parents don’t
want their children using the Duncan yo-yo as an excuse for exhibiting an
obscene gesture,” said Wildmon.

The commercial began airing last week on the partially Disney-owned cable
network E! Entertainment channel.

“Stop the rope and let me in or I’ll go out and get some gin”

My Bullshit detecter is going off!

False alarm. I’m on the e-mail alert list for the American Family Association. It’s great for kicks and giggles. This is the real thing, straight from the AFA to my mailbox.

“Stop the rope and let me in or I’ll go out and get some gin”

I’ve seen the commercials… the main guy has a nice mowhawk.

Magnificent to behold - Greatly to be praised.

Hey, if you don’t like it, don’t buy it, its as simple as that.

Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant!

As something of a yo-yo afficinado, I feel I should point out that the middle finger is the prefered terminus for a yo-yo string. I hope the AFA isn’t advising parents to make their children use another finger. I can think of nothing more tragic than a child knocking out his front teeth because mommy has insisted he attatch his yo-yo to the notoriously unstable index finger.

That said, Duncan sells the cheapest and crappiest yo-yos on the market. Any parent too cheap to pony up a few extra bucks for a BC or Yomega yo-yo deserves to be flipped off by their kids!

If anybody is still interested, you can find the commercial here: .

Do you remember the E.T. fingers that lite up and were sold as a kid’s toy. They were ment for kids , but looked like a sex toy.

A lady friend of mine knows about those ‘fingers’ real well. Especially with the lights out.

“Think of it as Evolution in action.”