Miami Company Pulling Candy Bags With Toy Depicting 9-11 Attack

From this article:

From the rest of the article, it sounds as if it’s too soon to blame the import company. Lisy Corp claims they packaged the toy with the candy “sight-unseen”, assuming that it was, as was claimed on the packaging, a swingset.

Somewhere, somehow, there is a sick mind at work behind the creation, manufacture and distribution of these things.

Would it be a bad thing to say that I want one? :eek:

OK, I saw a pic of the thing… it’s a big round toonish plane between two nondescript city buildings… the plane is there in the middle on what might be a hinge so it might rotate.

I’m not entirely sure it was intended to be a toy about the plane attack. If you hadn’t known about 9/11 you’d never think this was supposed to be a plane flying into the building.

I think it might be just another case of rampant hysteria here in the U.S., like the people who objected to the name of the second LOTR movie and the ones who complained about an image of a dragonfly near a plastic cup of coffee (thinking the dragonfly was crashing into it or some nonsense).

I don’t get the point of the toy, but it is evocative, isn’t it?

Poor taste, definitely. Intentional? I don’t know yet. But the code of “9011” on the toy is certainly a little :dubious: , don’t you think?

Yes, you’d definitely go to hell for it. But damn, that’s a cute little airplane. Cute but evil. I wonder if it spins?

Yeah, if it weren’t for that I’d be firmly convinced it had nothing to do with 9/11 and that people were completely crazy. The number could be a coincidence, or a bad joke someone assigning production numbers did to an otherwise inoffensive toy, but I don’t know.

I definitely do want one though. It’s cute. Somebody hook me up.

Yep. Yahoo had/has a link to a video clip showing it.

I want one too!!!

The left tower also seems to have an antenna-like top thingy and the other does not, similar to the twin towers… :dubious:

Although the toy towers are indigo in color. Still…

If you can manage to get one in the original package, it could be worth some serious scratch in a couple of decades.

Nah, this is a right now kind of thing. Throw these suckers on Ebay before the week is out if you want your money.

The Yahoo video link is on this page.

You can put me down for one, too.

Um, have any of the skeptics noticed the the plane is FLYING INTO the building, not between them?

So, what, your claiming it’s realistically meant to be a crash? It’s flying into the far building after someone in the other builing open a window and let it out? Because if it were meant to be realistic it would have hit the first one already and never got between them.

It may or may not be meant to be the real two towers (and if the antenna thing is valid, looking moreso), but you can’t try using it’s flight path to prove it.

So we’ve got 14,000 units of these things. There’s some money to be made here. They say it depicts the 9/11 attacks. I say it depicts what’s wrong with political correctness of this country.

I’ll buy 2!

I am pretty sure that I don’t qualify as a member of the Offenderati, and I definitely can allow for some demented humor. I have an extremely difficult time believing, though, that this toy is anything but what it appears to be. Taking the extremely high road, even if this was a toy that was, say, designed before 9/11, there’s no way someone looked at this thing before distributing it today and didn’t say… “Y’know, maybe someone might take this the wrong way.”

Taking a slightly less elevated road, who would ever design a toy of a plane between two skyscrapers? What does the one have to do with the other, except when referring to 9/11.

All that being said, I’m actually in the camp that wouldn’t mind having one. I just don’t think it’s very cool that this was put into a bag of lollipops and given away as a toy. Interesting novelty for demented freaks like me? Definitely. Appropriate toy for a kid? Definitely not.

I thought the same thing back when Led Zeppelin put out their first two albums. The Humanity, oh the humanity!, and all that.

Horrible. Just horrible.
The scale is completely off.

I want one. With a button activated confetti flinger.

Kids like spinning plans, so the plane spins. In order for it to spin, it needs to be suspended between two objects. Kids like really big buildings. Therefore, it’s suspended between two big skyscrapers.

Oops. To be honest, though, I could see myself going through that thought process without ever thinking of 9/11. And, since 9/11 happened during the first couple of weeks of college for me–and is therefore as much a part of my psyche as the anti-war riots are a part of my mother’s psyche–I could see someone else doing it.

I guess I just can’t be offended. It seems innocent. Really, really freakin’ dumb, but innocent.


But i’m still having trouble believing that putting the number “9011” on the toy was a completely innocent mistake.