What TV commercials really piss you off?

There are several recent commercials that really bug me. One in particular is put out by Disney, showing this little girl at a spelling bee. She’s asked to spell “microphone,” and she begins, “M-I-C…” and some odf fart starts singing "…K-E-Y, and then everybody takes up the Mickey Mouse March. If that really happened somebody would stick a sock in the old bastard’s mouth. What message is Disney trying to send? People who love Disney have no regard for other people’s kids?

Another is a Sprint PCS commercial (actually, most of those are stupid) in which a guy is standing in the rubble of what was his home. A friend is supposed to have warned him that a tornado was coming, but because of “cell phone static” he understood the friend to say “a potato is coming.” No, it wasn’t the static, you nimrod. If you’re stupid enough to think someone actually warned you about a potato, Sprint PCS won’t help you.

What commercials make your hackles rise (assuming you have hackles, and can get them up)? Hmmm?

I’m sick of viagra commercials. Hmm. I’m sick of all commercials by pharmaceutical companies. But I must say that that simple little zoloft commercial with the sad, depressed little round figure and simple diagrams seems bizarre to me! :rolleyes:

I hate the commercial for Pillsbury individually frozen dinner rolls. The mom is just so complacent and accepting of the fact that her family wanders in any ol’ damn time they please and expect to have a hot and hearty meal served up to them like she’s some kinda personal cafeteria. And gosh, if she didn’t have frozen rolls ready to go when they got in, she just wouldn’t know what to do with herself.

Nauseating. Annoying. Painfully retro. What decade is this woman from?

(Not to mention, although I’m gonna, that there is absolutely nothing remotely special about having frozen bread. This is easily accomplished by placing any roll you like into the freezer. And unless her family is subsisting on bread alone, doesn’t really do much in the way of helping her provide a decent meal.)

Screw this noise. Everyone know the most hideous commercials of all time are those GD 1-800 commercials.

It’s like the ad men actually say to themselves, “Gee, how can we make them MORE annoying??? I know! Alf!”

Yeah, tell me I’m not wrong.

If a commercial can’t be good, it has to be annoying enough to stick in your mind, no matter what.

Well, these a-holes succeeded. And they should be killed.

Cell phone company (Verizon, I think) series of ads. Guy walks around various farflung locations talking into his cell phone, stops every few steps and says “Can you hear me now? Good.” Repeat ad nauseum. The best example I can find lately of why advertising is EVIL! May everyone responsible for these ads be tied down and covered in angry fireants.

The 1-800-CALL-ATT commercials featuring Carrot Top. I guess AT&T decided that David Arquette wasn’t annoying enough to be the spokesman.

I remember my mother from a decade long ago and far away. I remember the satisfied smile on her face when we kids fought over who would get the last delicious spoonful of food. And I remember how she used to make us special little biscuits from the dough left over after the grown-up biscuits were cut out. I remember how cooking for us was her labor of love, and how she always selected the wing of a chicken way before wings were popular. She picked it because it had the least meat, leaving more for the rest of us.

God, I miss that retro woman.

The commercials that piss me off most are any that flash half a screen of fine print at low resolution for two seconds.

The ones that piss me off the most are the ones where an “actual couple” is waiting to find out if they’re pregnant. And of course they are. And they’re so freaking happy. Yahoo.

Of course, bear in mind that this comes from a bitter woman who has been trying unsuccessfully for 10 years to have a baby. . .

And I really hate the ones about the urinary incontinence–the ones where the couple is towing a portapotty behind their car and the ones for the new, streamlined Depends. Reminds me of a roommate my husband had before we got married. Someone sent him a sample of Depends as a joke, and he tried them out. Ewww. And didn’t throw them away. Triple ewwwwww.

I don’t usually patronize these threads, but this one really gets under my skin:

That stupid AOL commercial that starts off with some flavor-of-the-minute, whine-voiced singer wheezing out “Aaaaalllllllll IIIIIII neeee-eeeeeeeeed …”


This is just a little off topic, but bear with me.

I’m annoyed at the poster for the movie The Time Machine. At the top, in big bold letters, it says “Where Would You Go?”

WHEN would you go, you fools! WHEN!

That awful Mentos commercial where the girl has her boyfriend over when her parents aren’t home, they come home unexpectedly, so she pops a Mentos (or is it an illegal drug?), puts a towel on his head and cream on his face, to make him look like one of her girlfriends (or is he Mrs. Doubtfire?).When the mother gets wise, she just smiles and shakes her head. GREAT message they’re sending to girls.

Also, that damn Capri Sun commercial that says “Kids inhale it,” (or is that inhalent?). In this day of inhalents, it’s a bad phrase.

I’ve got to second the “Can You Hear Me Now?” ads. Ugh. Just pisses me off to think about it.

I also would have to agree with ANY of those Sprint PCS commercials. The Charro one, the Captain & Tenille one, whatever. Jesus Christ, people, if something doesn’t make sense, why don’t you just QUESTION it?

Bringing home Charro. :: scoff ::

I’ll third, fourth, and fifth those Verizon Wireless “Good” commercials.

I will be so flarking happy when FX finally debuts The Shield. They show their commercial (trailer?) for that show every commercial break during Buffy! “Mikey’s not a cop. He’s Al Capone with a badge!”

Did Burger King, Mercedes, and Pepsi all hire the same ad agency? I don’t know, maybe it’s just a coincidence that they want to show that they’ve been around for the past however many decades.

I hate those stupid Toyota comercials with that little kid saying “Zoom zoom!” ARRRGGG!!! They must die a terrible, terrible death.

Honda’s President’s Day Sale ads
Call me crazy, but I don’t believe George Washington would drive a Honda Civic. You stupid fucks.

I agree 100% And I hate the “My heat to yours” song which doesn’t even rhyme.

I think those commerials are offencive to both sexes. If it were a MAN, they would go to Mc Donalds. Remember the Buisness woman on the run to go on a buisness trip (or work meeting)? We see her husband and kid looking through the freezer, and she’s running around putting her earings on saying, “the vegatiables are in the velvet top tuperwear containers ‘V’ for ‘violate’, and I put the chicken in the brown… ‘brown’ the color of chicken.” After she leaves, the man in the flannel shirt says to the kid… “Duh… what do ya say we go to McDuh… -Donalalds… Duhhhh!?” I wanted to find that person who thought of that crap and… Grrrrr…

Tobacco ads and that ad blaming people who smoke pot once in a while for terror attacks…

What about all the other stuff that funds these people.

I don’t smoke cigs at all… I don’t mind people informing us of the FACTS! But I don’t buy people trying to get people to hate tobacco companies, and (maybe un intended), but smokers too.

I smoke weed once in a while… I think I have 4 times total. I DO think it should stay illegal… anyone who gets caught may be getting too careless, I don’t want people driving with the stuff, (I pulled out of the garage once and I didn’t even feel the pedal). Would NEVER have done it in an area with people… didn’t even reach the sidewalk, I was just trying to find something in the garage and move the care. But same with to tobacco.

I hate the "My Durg Buying Funds Terrorism"ads. I have never used drugs. I never will. But suggesting that terrorism(and of course the Al Quida) are funded by drugs is ludicrous. If there’s a product that funds middle-eastern terrorists it would be oil.

I hate the Truth ads for much the same reasons. One ad tells us ‘Dog poo contains ammonia. So do cigarettes’. IIRC trace amounts of ammonia are also found in human blood. Another ad says “Cigarettes contain cyanide, just like rat poison” According to Unca Cecil many nuts and seeds contain small amounts of cyanide as well. Further having had a mouse problem in my last 2 houses, I have yet to see a trap containing cyanide. All the exterminators leave traps containing blood thinner. The same blood thinner sold in prescription drugs.

The Truth ads accuse tobbacco companies of lying and not caring about the consumer. Find me any megacorp that doesn’t fit this description.

Wors, the Truth ads put all the blame on tobbacco companies. That surgeon general's warning has been on the pack as long as I can remember(I'm 27). Anyone my age or younger knew what they were getting into. The eventual emphysema and cancer are the smokers' responsibility. One Truth radio ad featured a man saying "You took five years of my life". No, from that voice you're my age. You decided to give up fiev years of your life.

I also hate any ad with Martha Stewart. Any ad that presumes to know what I’m thinking-especially any ad containing the actual words “we know what you’re thinking”

I haven’t seen this commercial in a while and I forget what it was for, but it involved a guy who was entertaining friends at his house. He was something of a neat-freak, so his friends are walking around marveling at just how CLEAN the house is, stuff like that. One of them looks at his CD collection and muses, “Alphabetical order?” As if, you know, there’s something WRONG with that!

I took personal offense to that ad because I have over 1600 CDs and they are ALL stored in alphabetical order. If I didn’t do that I’d never be able to find anything!

I also hated those “smoking pot aids terrorists” ads but haven’t seen them in a long time, maybe they realized just how stupid (and inaccurate) the concept was.