Tracking Someone Down

So this is super creepy but, I was going through my email the other day and found some old emails from someone I used to talk to online aaaaalll the time and have decided that while I still can I want to try and track him down! We didn’t have any sort of falling out or anything we were just young and grew apart what with him going to college and what not.

Anyway he lived in a small-ish town in Florida and I remember his last name so I’ve narrowed it down to like 10 possible people that would be his parents - so my question is, without seeming awkward what do I call and say lol? Normally I’d just call and say ‘oh is john there?’ buuuuut he presumably doesn’t live there anymore what with college and him being like 24 now! So what the heck should I say when I call to get his contact info?

Thank you!!!

Oh, I know!

Start by letting him know that you’re totally not not obsessed with him. After that, reassure him that you’re not going to hurt or kill him. You probably should let him also know that you just happened to be in the area and you saw him from behind and it kinda sorta looked like that guy you used to know, so you decided to knock and see if it was. Like, totally a coincidence! At this point, you might want to remind him that you’re not obsessed with him.

Report back soon!