Trading Spaces 2/22 BACK TO BACK EPISODES!!

Vern’s room was a home run. That fireplace redo was fantastic. Usually he has all sorts of stupid crap dangling from the ceiling, this one he didn’t. Whew.

working at an ae firm, you do get incredible discounts for materials and furnishings. we have “up for grabs” days where old samples are just out for the taking. if you spec. a lot of stuff from a company, they will give you very nice freebies. i’m betting vern saves up much of the samples and freebies he gets and uses them on the show.

some times the company will want the samples back, however there have been times that i’ve gotten a yard or more of fabric that is hundreds of dollars per yard on " up for grab" days. just the right size for throw pillows!

ivylass, those icky questions are the signal for you to get up and get snacks, or toss another load of laundry in the washer. you don’t watch them.

But to me that’s cheating because not only do the other “designers” on the show not have those opportunities (Frank/Kia, etc), most of the viewers don’t have those opportunities and it leads to a false impression of what that sort of result actually costs. Second, if he was doing a room for a paying customer, you KNOW the full price of the items would be included in the bill, regardless of what they cost.