Trading Spaces 4/12, Or, Part One of Two

We have Hollywood episodes tonight (4/13) so I will be posting again later this evening.

Still in Miami. A huge family room with Hildi (looks like a finished garage) and a rather small, cluttered TV room with Laurie.

I thought it was funny the HO was nervous that Hildi was doing her room, even saying Hildi was her last choice. She had a huge jumble of a room where she did home-schooling. I thought Hildi did a fair job organizing the room, although she had a strike against her with the water damage below the window that Ty had to tear out and repair. Were those termites or ants milling around behind the wall? I think that unexpected project put both her and Ty behind, which is why she didn’t get her fourth pie-piece of the storage unit.

Once again, Hildi showed how she can take a design element and beat it into the ground with a sharp stick. I wasn’t a fan of the circle fabric, but it was okay on the chair cushions or a couple of pillows. But then she had to stamp those icky circles all over the walls and the curtains. It was a huge room, there were a lot of walls. Those circles were a bit much carried that far.

I didn’t quite understand the point of the TV and the game console in the storage console in the middle of the room. Were there even cable or electricity hook-ups for them?

It was better organization, but again, it was a Hildi room, so what do you expect?

Laurie’s room was another disorganized mess. Chairs, sofa and futon placed higgeldy-piggeldy and another huge honkin’ TV. I thought the color scheme was okay, but that homage to the abstract painter was feh. I wasn’t a fan of the original.

What is up with them breaking things? This is what, the third episode where something got smashed at the last minute? In this case it was Laurie breaking the light fixture.

I didn’t like the “closet” for the TV, especially in a room that’s not a bedroom. Was it my imagination, or was the TV not fully exposed with the closet doors completely open? I asked Ivylad, and he thought the same thing, but then the HO opened the closet doors and didn’t seem upset, so maybe I was wrong. Laurie did a nice job rearranging the seating area. So many people put chairs and sofas against the walls, without realizing you can place them in the middle of the room as long as you have a flow around them. (We’ve done that in our living room.)

I miss Vern.

I was amazed when I found myself actually LIKING Hilde’s room. As it progressed, I thought it would be another over-the-top Hilde mess, but it actually worked and looked very pulled together and smart!
Lori’s room? Meh. It DID look like the closet was too small for the television set. That would be annoying. I liked the color scheme but was uneasy about the raggedy finish on the bottom of the re-covered dining chairs. Lori still gives me a pain. She is sooooo phoney sweet! (Did it look like she had her baby there in one of the shots at the end of the show while the credits were rolling?)

I loved both these rooms and thought the designers did a good job of giving the homeowners what they wanted. The homeowners were hilarious and cracked me up about a dozen times. (I liked when the wife told the guy “Here’s your chance to shine!” and he said “I told you I’m a star” and she said “In what? Pee Wee’s big adventure?” ROFL!)

I was impressed Ty was able to get done as much as he did considering the major termite damage he had to repair. Hildi was sort of a bitch about him not getting her 4th “pie” slice done, considering a) he had to make the repairs and b) the reason the pies took so long was SHE mismeasured and he had to pretty much build them twice!

At first I thought the homeowners said “I think Hildi understands we want nothing on our walls but HAY.” Which I thought was sarcastic and hilarious, but reading the TLC msgboard I guess they said “nothing but PAINT.” Meh, the way I heard it was funnier. :smiley:

Last night around 1 a.m. I almost posted a thread “Trading Spaces 4/12: I hope ivylass isn’t dead in a ditch”. You had me worried.

“Feh”?! Does that stand for “Freakishly & Excruciatingly Hideous”? I’m not opposed to eye-candy for eye-candy’s sake, but make it attractive and don’t call it art. Ugh!

Considering that Hildi’s home owner said that he wanted to be able to wear sunglasses in the room, I think her room looked pretty good. It may have been better, but it was such an improvement that that scarcely mattered. Good point about the television in the middle of the room & the electricity issue. I wonder what we didn’t see.

I watched with my mom and she said that Laurie’s room looked like an office. I thought it looked a little like a waiting room–she should have left a bunch of twenty year old magazines laying around for the full effect. She picks the ugliest light fixtures.

What’s that make-up called that goes on the eyelid and below the eyebrow? Eye shadow? I love the shade that Paige wears. It’s perfect for her complexion.

Excellent bonus.

No fear, js, but Ivylad wanted to get out of the house, so I didn’t watch TS until this morning. I can’t very well tell him, “Sorry, dear, I can’t go out to dinner tonight. I have to watch Trading Spaces so I can get on SDMB to bitch about it at 10:01pm EST,” can I?

I like your definition of Feh.

laurie did her usual room. pretty fabric, yellow.

hildi’s room was a bit of a surprize. i actually liked it.

i wonder if they left the pieces or put the fourth pie piece together. was the idea that you would think of trivial pursuit?

I was impressed with Hildi’s room in that it wasn’t so off the wall! I didn’t care for the circle theme–it was fine on the fabric but putting it on the walls was too much of a good thing. I don’t blame her for being pissed at Ty for not getting the fourth piece of pie. I thought there were behind the scene carpenters to help? Not having it really threw off the look of the room. Laurie’s room was its usual boring yellow self. Does that woman EVER do any work? She just stands around and watches everyone else bust their humps. She’s starting to annoy me. And I loved both sets of HOs, especially when the woman was sitting by the pool stuffing pillows and her husband came along to move chairs and they kissed. Very sweet. And I confess: I’m starting to like Hildi, both as a person and a designer. I like her concepts and ideas but sometimes the execution doesn’t work. I wish they’d have a Vern and Edward double feature!