Trading Spaces 6/7, or: Getting the jump on Ivylass

The early show is the London one, which I’ve seen, and can’t remember very well. I don’t think it was all that impressive, except for the fact that we got Handy Andy instead of Ty or Amy Wynne.
IIRC, one room was a child’s room, maybe two daughters, and the other was a woman’s bedroom. I remember the woman had her “friend” helping her and there was a bit of speculation on the TWoP board about whether or not he was really just a friend or a live-in boyfriend that she hadn’t told her parents about yet.

The new show: Edward does a bedroom and the HildiBeast does a living room.

The previews show Hildi trying to move a grand piano and breaking the leg. Good God, what a moron. We see Hildi and the two HOs all shoving on the keyboard side, and the far end collapsing, and a crewperson rushing in just as the leg breaks and the whole thing falls. I wonder if TS will pay to repair it.

And the return of Edward! Yay! We haven’t seen him for awhile. The previews also show some cool shelves in one room, with the HOs and Amy Wynne all laying on them.

Just bumping up now that the new episode is on.

Uh, oh, the piano is an heirloom…

Wow, a Hildi room I don’t hate.
And it was great that Amy Wynne was able to fix the piano.

I liked that they were using the HO’s father’s artwork. That was pretty cool. Those HOs had a whole art gallery in their garage.
I loved those shelves Amy Wynne built. She was really busy tonight, with all the stuff in Edward’s room and those incredible shelves.

Edward’s room was pretty neat. I liked the headboard and the nightstands. I don’t know how I’d feel if they removed my furniture and replaced it with thrift store stuff, but I don’t think these HOs had any furniture, did they?

Hey, Biblio! No fair! The episode wasn’t even on yet! Well, at least you saved me the trouble of coming up with a cutesy “or.” :slight_smile:

In any event, I press onwards…

The gang is still in Orlando, and we have Edward redoing a master bedroom and Hilde redoing a living room.

I saw the piano breaking in the promos, and then when the show started the HO’s went on about how it was a Depression-era piano that was passed down from the grandparents and I cringed. Their living room was very cluttered. I don’t see how they could have crammed another thing into it. When Hilde said something about a “treatment” on the walls I had flashbacks to the hay-on-the-wall episode. Who the hell knows what she means by “treatment?” And I knew when they didn’t cover up the carpet while they were glopping that stuff on the walls that they were going to replace it. Since it was white texture on white walls I couldn’t really tell what it looked like, but at least it wasn’t hay. I liked the built-in shelves, but the paintings were “meh” to me. When Hilde left the HO’s to finish laying the floor as homework I yelled, “Vern would have stayed to help!” I’ve heard bad things about wooden parquet flooring, about how easily it chips and scratches, and when she mentioned she paid 98 cents a square foot I knew it wasn’t top of the line. I wonder how long it will last?

The piano breaking…what can I say? It was horrifying, and I think even the crew was shocked, because we had a crew member shout out in dismay and then get in the shot. Definitely an Unscripted Moment. As for Paige worrying that they wouldn’t have time to fix it, I agreed completely with Hilde…it had to be fixed, no matter what, and Amy Wynn was going to have the time to fix it. Did they told the HO’s what happened? Hilde mentioned it would need retuning. I wonder if the piano is just an heirloom or if they really play it. Overall it was one of her better rooms, even if only one sofa was angled for TV viewing.

Edward’s room…all I could think of was that Kia could take a few lessons from him on theme rooms. His was a Touch of Indonesia, and I loved the headboard! He mentioned he was making it out of bulletin boards, and I thought that was odd, but then I saw them, and they looked so pretty! I loved the window treatments (what were they called again? Something that started with an L) and how they looked like boxes but they were fabric. The curtains for the bathroom entry were nice. Who knew what you could do with a bedsheet, a stencil, and some paint? I liked how the tables were mounted on the wall so they looked like they were floating. Edward seems to be pretty on the ball, and I haven’t seen a room of his that I hated.

Next week…it looks like Laurie paints the walls a color that is not orange or yellow!

So would we say that Hildi’s room was a grand slam?

Edward’s room was gorgeous. The window treatments were really neat. Hildi’s room seemed cold to me. The paintings were dull and the furniture arrangement was uninteresting. I did like the shelves but overall it was a big meh for me.

I really, really liked Hildi’s room. Edward’s? Meh. Too themey for my taste. The window treatments were too Kia-esque. Putting a half-assed paper maché Taj Mahal in the corner would have made it a perfect Kia knock-off.

I think Hildi took a space that looked like 20 pounds of shit in a ten-pound bag and turned it into a great room & living space. I don’t know what else to say. For a room meant for living it was great.

I’m not so sure I see her as being negligent in regards to the piano. If anybody is a moron, it is the person who puts wheels on a thing that is too fragile to be rolled. It’s certainly a new twist on the phrase “they don’t make 'em like they used to.”

Paige is killing me.

Did the piano have wheels? I didn’t notice and so was appaled to see them pushing it around. Hildi’s room was okay, a bit blah for my tastes. Since we all know what Hildi can be like, maybe subdued is the way to go. Edward’s room was nice, I hope the lighting complements that shade of brown in real life, or it will look cheap. The windows were a teensy bit much tome, but not KiaKitsch thank goodness. No matter what, both rooms were greatly improved.

js-- is Paige killing you in a good way or a bad way?

i liked edward’s room. he gave the room a taste of the orient, not “everything you can think plus the sink” of the orient. the window treatments were very nice. i’ve seen it before, just on a smaller scale in church, i just never thought, “hhhmmm, i could put that around a window.”

good heavens what are they doing to hilde? the past few rooms have been livable. has she been taken over by the pod people? i like the shelves. the floor looked good. i don’t wear shoes in the house, perhaps these people don’t as well and the flooring will look good for a bit.

if i had to pick one of the two rooms for my house it would be edward’s.

I was surprised that I liked Edward’s room as well as I did - my only concern was the using of bulletin boards for part of the headboard. It seemed apparent to me in the reveal that that was what they were & I wondered if a some wood covered with the fabric would have done better (he certainly had enough money left over - they said he was at $800 something).

The piano? I really hope someone told those homeowners abut that, whether before or after the reveal. The crewman who ended up in the shot was interesting - he sort of got an “oh shit!” look on his face when he realized he was in the shot. I’m wondering if it was fixed well, or if it’s just going to break again next time it gets moved. And I’d love to know if anything broke inside.

I didn’t dislike Hildi’s room - the shelves were neat, but the floor looked like the cheap stuff they put in my apartment doorway right before I moved in (10 months ago) that’s chipping in places.

I’m wondering if it was fixed well, or if it’s just going to break again next time it gets moved.
Of course it was fixed well! Amy Wynn fixed it!

That’s OK, I’m not sulking at all because nobody laughed at my “grand slam” joke. Nope, no sulking here.

I think the word he was using was lambrequin. give the following definition:

Main Entry: lam·bre·quin
Pronunciation: 'lam-b&r-k&n, -bri-k&n
Function: noun
Etymology: French
Date: circa 1725
1 : a scarf used to cover a knight’s helmet
2 : a short decorative drapery for a shelf edge or for the top of a window casing : VALANCE

I’m sure he was using #2, since there were no knight’s helmets in sight. :smiley:

If Kia’s reading this, I’m sure she just got the idea for another horrible theme room.

They were pushing the piano ACROSS A TARP! Some sheet kinda dealy to protect the floor. Now I have moved many a piano in my day and you always make sure the wheels are clear. And I wouldn’t be suprised if they broke the harp (the wooden insides that hold the strings) because of the force of the fall. That’s a major repair on any piano, especially an old one. It just broke my heart to see it break like that.

First room i’ve ever seen Hildi do that I didnt absolutly HATE. I was extremely surprised. They fixed the piano but I wonder who has to pay to get it re-tuned!

i’m thinking that edward made the point of being way under to show how you can change a room around with a very, very, limited budget. i don’t have $1,000 to spend in a room, perhaps $500 or $600.

he gave them a good jumping off spot. perhaps he left the rest of the money and they could get a few things for the room now that they have a colour and flavour to work with. i’m thinking a blue chair (in the pillow colour) and table.

Someone on the TWoP board once made the comment that when they’re under, they should give the HO a gift certificate to Lowe’s or Home Depot for the balance, even if it’s for just a couple of bucks. Genevieve’s been under by about $200 before and so has someone else.

And Ivylass, I didn’t mean to steal your thunder, I just wanted to start the thread once. Next week, it’s all yours again!

The piano did have wheels, but they were really small. I thought the far wheels got caught either in the tarp or on the edge of the tile. Either way, they shouldn’t have all been pushing on the same side. Hildi did mention having it re-tuned.

Edward’s room was nice, but as js_africanus said, it was a little too theme-y for me. Take down the painting he did, and I’d be fine with it. But, good grief, it wasn’t as theme-y as a Kia room!

In a good way. If there was an all Paige, all the time channel, I’d subscribe to it.

Hey, rocking chair, I think it would be better to think of Hildi as escaping from the pod people. IIRC, she was by far my favorite designer in season one. My secret hope is that her outlandish stuff has hurt her professional reputation enough that she has to go back to the Old Hildi to save her business.

I couldn’t watch the second episode. I play the piano and wish I could afford a real one. If someone did that to an heirloom piano, I’m afraid I’d be angry enough I might even blister some of the hardened souls in the BBQ Pit.

Any comments on the first episode? I’m not sure about Hildi’s spatter painted walls in the little girls’ room, but the other room looked all right.


I had seen the first epi when it originally aired. It annoyed me then, but really annoyed me again Satday night. I cannot stand Gen’s giggling and being a mega CR fan, it made me angry how Andy was disrespected. So I did something else until the second epi. When Hildi is good, damn she’s good. And she was good tonight. The piano incident–what can I say? The show better have paid to have to a professional piano fixer do an exam. And I love me some Edward. His room was good except for the painting which would scare me. And he’s such a gentleman. He may have replaced Vern as my fave on this show. But what was with coming in almost $200 under budget? (And to make my week, the infamous Crying Pam epi was rerun last Thursday. Get over it, lady!)

No problem, Biblio. If you want, we can switch off every other month…you want July?