Trading Spaces 7/5, or Ivylass fills in for Bibliocat

As Bibliocat is unable to start the TS thread this week, and no one else has, I will fill in.

Let’s see, we’re in Pennsylvania again with Genevieve redoing a boy’s room, Amy Wynn, and Vern (in shorts! Oh my) redoing a living room.

The boy’s bedroom was bigger than mine, by the way. I wasn’t a fan of the pea-green paint, and the racing stripe didn’t do anything for me. I thought the platform was kind of cool, and Ivylad was thoroughly charmed by Gen doing her little stompin’ dance on it. I didn’t understand Amy Wynn not cutting the final board to the length Gen wanted…because of time? Huh? Does the kid not have a bed? In the before it looked like the boxspring was under the bed frame, but in the after it was on the floor with the mattress on top, no frame. Hmmm…

I didn’t get what Vern was doing until the reveal, but it all came together. I had such a giggle over the mosiac for the coffee table.

Vern: (pontificating) We have 1344 tiles, each in four boxes for each quadrant. The same number of colors is in each box.

Paige: (space cadet) I have a glittery one!

It turned out to be such a warm and inviting room. Before it was rather Grandmother’s Parlor sterile, but it was so luxurious afterward.

Plus Vern was wearing shorts. (Oh, did I mention that already? :D)

First off, THANKS TO IVYLASS for filling in for me. I didn’t get home in time to even catch the 9:00 episode; I had to watch the later rebroadcast.

Gen’s room: Yeah, that kid’s room is bigger than mine, too. I liked tha platform, but not that green wall color. Pea-soup green… yucko. The stripe was neat, though. I didn’t get what she was saying about putting two beds “sunken in” but that didn’t happen anyway. Time or budget maybe? I can’t imagine sunken mattresses. How much of a PITA would that be to make?
I liked his bed before, that silver metal frame.
The desk looked skinny, though. She said it wasn’t going to be a kid-size desk, but it looked long and narrow.

I loved the snarking on Ty! The battery ran out on AW’s drill and she reached for the extra battery and said “Who’s the most prepared carpenter around?” and Gen said Ty was, and AW started to walk away. :smiley:

Vern’s room: The before was rather sterile, but there wasn’t really anything wrong with it. I could definitely see it as an “after” room. I liked the stripes on the walls. One nitpick I have with this show is the McMansions where the people say “We’ve done every other room in the house and just never got around to this one room” and it’s a room that’s just plain white. I’d rather they do rooms that are truly in need of a makeover.
I liked the coffee table treatment. That was really neat. And the three pieces against the one wall, the two tall cabinets and the bar thing.

Oh, and Vern in shorts. Be still my heart… :wink:

Genevieve & Amy Wynn…dancing…bouncing…sigh

The Carter Oosterhouse Porn Star Quote Of The Week is from the 6:00 EDT rebroadcast and is from Ty:

Vern’s room was about my favorite that I’ve seen of his. I’m normally not a big fan of the leafing but here it worked well. Gorgeous rich colors. That bench thingie seemed oddly sized somehow, other than that the room was great.

The kid’s room was cool. I thought the green paint was going to be yucky but in the end it worked. I’m not a sports guy at all so I couldn’t have cared less that the colors were team colors. I thought they worked well together. Gen was over budget and there was no reason for it. She blamed buying the sports collectibles, but she could have returned the bowl of baseballs and been under. The baseballs didn’t really add anything to the room. Waste of money.

I liked the kid’s room and his reaction to it, although I was surprised at how skinny the desk was. His reaction to the autographed photos was wonderful. I also got a kick out of the whole “Who’s the best carpenter?” schtick.

I thought the second couch was interesting, and I liked what the did with the ceiling on it. Does anyone else like the bit where the couple working on the living room encouraged Vern to get some frames from their house to use in their neighbor’s living room?

I think the show is at its best when it does kid’s rooms. The designers have been known to come up with some incredibly cool ideas which I would never have the guts to try.

The main thing I didn’t like was the intro to the show which showed Vern, Genevieve, and Amy shopping at Lowe’s. I like Lowe’s, but still, I get the point, already!


Loved Vern’s room, especially the ceiling and the last-minute artwork. Hated, hated, hated the green in Gen’s room, but I’m neither a sports fan or a 9yo boy, so… eh.

Gen kept making such a big deal out of the “man-size” desk she was going to be making for the kid, but he wound up with what was essentially a shelf. No storage underneath, and from what I could see no place for a chair (or if a chair could fit, it couldn’t move far before it whacked into the bed). It’s probably the one thing in the room that won’t be appropriate when he gets bigger.

I thought both rooms were great! But…I didn’t see the point of painting the ceiling just to do the leafing over it. Vern said the color would peek through, but all I saw was the leafing. Also, after a while his wall color (which I liked at first) starting take on a greenish shade of yellow instead of something warmer (yknow, like a Laurie color).

I thought Gen’s room was pretty cool, although those duct-tape stripes on the curtain were kinda weird, even if they were supposed to continue the stripe on the wall.

Oh did anyone else notice this - for most of the show, Amy was wearing a shirt that was red with black cap sleeves…and then at some point when it must’ve been colder out, her shirt suddenly had LONG black sleeves. How the heck??

The kid’s room was great, and the kid’s reaction to it was perfect. I think Genevive nailed it.

Vern… it’s just not fair. He’s handsome, he has excellent taste, he’s nice, and funny, and smart, and charming… and he has great legs. Sigh.

And his room was nice too.

If I have one complaint, it’s that Paige seems to have lost her enthusiasm for the shows where things go well. I suppose that after presiding over any number of disasters where Hildy, Kia and Frank spend two days doing heavy structural and aesthetic damage, it must be hard to find a way to make a show where professional, competent designers do things right. But she seemed so half-hearted when badgering Vern about time when he was doing his ceiling, I almost felt sorry for her. Maybe she needs a new approach to the good designers. I would have loved to see a shot of her lounging by a pool somewhere, sipping a margarita. “The show? It’s Vern and Genevive. They’ll be on time if they have to work all night, they’ll be within ten bucks of the budget, and the rooms will look great. See you at the reveal!”

Scatter shots of Paige frolicking in the pool throughout the show, and everyone’s happy.

i liked both rooms.

the copper leafing was fantastic. i’m a blue, green, grey, person so i would go with blue with silver over the burgandy with copper. niftyest thing i’ve seen all season on ts. i really liked the mosaic table. because i work with archs, engs, and designers, i’m not at all surprized that the tiles were counted and sorted. my insane co workers sort their tree ornaments by colour and size. i agree with ivylass the mpdp line with the glittery tile had me cracking up. ooohhh, look something shiney!

i thought gen did a great job with jacob’s room. he can grow into it, change a chair or table and it will last well into his teens in there. all the sports stuff is changeable, if he gets other flyer pictures or even if he decides to cheer for another team. he will be able to put his art work on the walls because no one “graffitied” them.

the homeowner who has the wonderous luck of having the vern room has posted on the twop forum as mosaicgirl. she loves her table as well as her room.

I guess my television must have been working poorly last night, because I thought Vern’s copper-leaf ceiling looked like a pretty shoddy bodge job. I’ve seen him do leaf before where it all came out even with no lines–as though it were one solid leaf over the entire surface. But last night I could see the individual squares and it looked like there were bits hanging and missing and generally mucking up the whole effect.

Except for the desk and the colors I thought Genevieve’s room was fantastic. It really was a room that the kid would be able to grow in to. With superficial changes in color and layout he could really keep it up to date as he grows. Switching it so that the seating area is on the stage behind the curtains would be a cool change to the room. Kudos to Gen.

I’m glad Gen decided to start dressing more nicely. Her season 1 and maybe even season 2 outfits (I don’t recall that well) looked really crappy. Last night she looked wonderful in that skirt–although she does need a little practice in sitting in one…

MrVisible has an interesting point about Paige’s job when the designers are very good. As much as the idea of clips of Paige frolicking in a bikini makes me have to take a cold shower, I still say that watching people redecorate is pretty darn boring and they still need to utilize her to create some tension of some sort.

I love the way Paige helps out when the camera is on: she’ll have a paint brush or a roller and she’ll survey the wall while talking, pick a spot to work, and then go and put on one stroke of paint and go looking for another spot to paint. I get such a kick out it. Speaking of the devil, there simply wasn’t enough Paige in this episode.

They were kinda close to Philadelphia right? I kept teasing my girlfriend by saying “Now suppose I had dragged you along to BC Sports Collectables and all of a sudden Gen turns to me and asks for some suggestions on what to get for 9-year-old Flyers fan?” I could have talked her into spending the entire grand in there.

Now, biblio, you’re set for the 7/14 episode, right?

Yes, I will do this Saturday.