Trading Spaces 3/8, or Over the Top Even for Frank

Vern doing a master bedroom for newlyweds, Frank doing a girl’s room…how delightful!!

Frank got going and couldn’t seem to stop. I think they gave up painting the other two walls due to time (are you listening, Kia?) Then Ty had to jump in with that monkey desk (I howled when the mom thought it was a bar) and completely threw off the look of the room. I agreed with Paige…the walls were nice with the graffitti, and the monkey desk was cute. But not together in the same room.

I may be biased against the monkey desk (the desk part looked fairly shallow too, not deep enough for a child to do homework with books and paper spread out) because of those horrid little banging monkey toys with the cymbals and the grins. They freak me out. Still, it was nicely executed. My 10 year old daughter loved the room, so maybe it does appeal to a child. The girl Ryanne seemed to like it. What was up though with the guy blurting out, “Well, doing a kid’s room is the closest we’ll get to having children”? He seemed bitter about that, but isn’t that something you explore with a potential spouse before marriage? He didn’t seem real thrilled to be there at the start.

I can’t believe they dragged the birds over, and had to go to a hotel because the heat wasn’t working. Were they in a condo complex or something?

Vern…I loved the colors, and the maple on the walls, but I wasn’t crazy about the cable lights with the grey metal box on the ceiling. The entertainment unit was beautiful. I can’t believe Ty screwed up on the dimensions of the bed…they never really explained how he fixed it. How can you be married and not have a bed? Poor college students living six to a house I can understand, but if they can afford a condo, surely they could afford a bed.

Poor Frank seemed so upset Paige and the HO were criticizing his monkey desk, and then the bird poops on his head. The doll cabinet was cute, but I thought the face should have been further forward on the top.

Overall, it was okay, the HOs seemed happy, but I’ve seen both Frank and Vern do better work.

He took ply wood (or what ever) and filled in the space that the matress was supposed to go in. So instead of being inside of the frame, the matress was on top of the frame.

I thought the monkey desk was hideous and totally impractical. It was too narrow and too high. The girl was going to need a stool to use it. Can you imagine trying to do homework for hours sitting at a gol-dang bar stool?

I thought Vern’s room looked incomplete with the two end walls being painted. It seemed like he needed the wood on all seven planes bordering the room. It would have been awfully woody, but it would have looked better, IMO. (Of course, I’d have to see it to be sure…) I loved the “wire lamps” or whatever Vern called them. They were totally cool.

I thought Frank’s room was totally cheesy. That is the worst room he’s done. The painting on the wall was totally childish and amateurish. I may have been biased because in the beginning they described the girl as becoming a “young lady” so I assumed she was 12 rather than 9. But still, it didn’t seem like a room she could grow with.

Personal note: The wife on the orange team had an outstanding nose. I’d like to fall in love with a woman with a nose like that.

When all was said and done, featherlou and I really liked Vern’s work in the master bedroom. We really liked the colour and the maple, although we agreed that the wood on the ceiling was a bit much.

Frank’s room for Ryanne was too busy. We also agreed with Paige: do the monkey desk or do the squiggles on the walls, but not both. It just didn’t fly for us.

Wouldn’t having the mattress inside the box frame have been terribly uncomfortable, anyway? I pictured lots of bruised hips and shins trying to get in and out of bed.


Hee - the newlyweds’ bedroom would have been awfully woody…

I agree. I hated this room. It seemed too young, and the elements of the room just clashed with each other. I would have just painted the walls a solid colour if I was going to put a big, honkin’ monkey desk in it. Or maybe the walls each in a different colour. Hey, that would have looked much better!

The monkey desk rules. I want one. it looked wide enough to me with the curve of the smile and the stool could be a temporary thing. The squiggles were a bit overdone but the room can be saved by taking a few of them out. Hated the doll head like I hate anything along those lines Frank does. Too bad the bird didn’t hit it.

I liked Vern’s room a lot. I thought the walls were fine with just the two painted and the wood was great. I’m glad they didn’t stain it. The cable lights were cool, but I got the impression that there’s current running through uninsulated wires between the lights which strikes me as unsafe to say the least.

Does anyone remember Paige’s ever attempting to interfere in a design the way she did with Frank’s? She’s made designers take things back for budget reasons and prodded them to get a move on for time but that’s the first time I remember her attacking the design for its own sake.

I thought about this last night with regard to the budget…

I know they have to buy the paint and the fabric and the wood and MDF, but do they have to buy the supplies too? Having to factor in the rollers and brushes and nails and glue would take away from the overall design budget. Are such supplies not included as part of the $1000?

I thought Paige’s griping about the desk was a little odd. It was done and hung on the wall. If you had a concern about it, why wait until it was complete and there’s nothing you can do about it?

I thought Frank’s room was too young for the girl - she may have been 9, not 12, but that room’s going to scream for redecorating within the next two years, because it’s still a child’s room. The grafitti walls were just too much - either that OR the monkey desk would have been ok (at least the desk can be painted over if she decides she hates it), but not both together.

The desk would have been great for a six year old, or if the girl had some sort of fascination with monkeys (I missed the beginning - did she?).
I loved Vern’s room - I thought it was rich and relaxing. I’d take a bedroom like that any day.

frank mentioned the monkey desk when i saw him at a home show. he said ty came up with it, and he was pleasantly surprised. he did not mention the bird incident.

i’ll check the show on the noon rerun.

Frank’s room was an absolute mess (my wife agrees). The only thing he needed to do to complete the effect was install a ceiling fan, turn it on high, and fling several pots of chili into it to splatter those ugly walls.

The bird’s editorial commentary on Frank’s head said it all…

I loved Vern’s room. If all the walls were wood, it would have been too much. I loved the dark blue end walls, but I like blue.
I wasn’t sure about the light. I didn’t like the way the junction box was left exposed. It kind of ruined the Zen effect of the room.
But that maple on the walls was just freaking amazing.
I am going to kidnap Vern and hold him hostage in my house till he redecorates every room. :wink:
I didn’t really think Frank’s grafitti room was quite what the HOs had in mind when they asked for a grown-up girl’s room. It still looked like a little girl’s room to me.
And that Monkey Desk! That was just hideous. Yes, ivylass it reminded me of those scary-ass cymbal-banging monkeys. If I slept in there and woke up in the night it would freak me out.
And it was just way too busy with the painted walls.
I did like what he did to the dresser, though. The black shell and pastel drawers? That was really cute. He should have done each wall a pastel color that matched the drawers, (one wall pink, one green, one blue, one yellow) and that would have been different, but more grown up-looking. Maybe some matte black trim or painting the bed a matte black. Not goth, like the mom didn’t want, but just some black trim and the rest those pretty bright pastels he used on the dresser.
Scary Monkey desk! :eek:

I got the impression that she was sticking up for the woman, who seemed a little uncomfortable doing it herself. But that may be my misperception. Even if I am mistaken, I can’t fault her for it. The room wasn’t for one of the adults who actually signed the contract. They could have ripped out the monkey desk without ruining it and jerry-rigged something there with the time left. The only way to make that room more perfect would be to have The Sabre Dance blaring 24 hours a day.

I think BiblioCat got it right,

It will be an easy re-do in a couple of years.

Oh, I did like the rug Frank used.

I liked Vern’s room with the exception of the cable lighting. I think it was too “industrial” looking with all the room. I also think the blue walls should’ve been a hair darker to match the drapes & slipcover. (I’m guessing since Vern doesn’t usually work with blue he had to guess at how dark it would dry. I have a room painted with that same brand of paint a couple shades darker and it’s a stunner.) The husband’s reaction was priceless. I think he may have actually wet himself.

Frank’s room. Well, the usual. I loved the monkey desk and I think if they would’ve STARTED with that and worked from there they could’ve really had something. As it was it was too much with the crazy painted room, etc. I agree with the solid painted walls idea. I think the doll-head on the TV box was hideous (and no one said anything about the fact that to watch TV you had to OPEN THE “DOLL’S” SHIRT?!?!) I just really really hate freehand painted stuff. (I did like his painted “tablecloth” however in the 8:00 episode, but only because it was the least cheesy thing in the room I think.) Did anyone else think the “dollhead” looked like Gen? It sorta creeped me out! I liked the rug a lot but what the hell was up with those framed pieces of paper? Come on! That’s totally half-assed, even for Frank.

I liked on one of the commercial bumpers when Ty was demonstrating how the monkey eyes fold down into a wink, then he did a fake-pitiful wink standing next to it. It was unusually restrained for him.

That should say “with all the WOOD in the room.”

I forgot to add that I also think Frank’s room was WAY younger than the girl (and her parents) wanted.

I pretty much concur with everyone here:

I thought the girl’s room was too young for her. I think it was WAY too busy, and it’ll take her about 2 weeks to get sick of it. And the monkey desk was just creepy. (Did anyone else think Ty was just joking when he whipped out that sketch?) The colors of the desk didn’t fit. (Oh, what am I saying? Frank had every goddamned color in the spectrum in that room.) OTOH, I’m glad that Frank takes chances. And the girl seemed to like it.

As for Vern’s room, it was ok, but it wasn’t one of my favorites. I just didn’t think the colors and the wood tied together well. And yeah, the lighting needed to be warmer. Those high ceilings and bright lights made me think of a warehouse or something.

And not to be critical of Ty, but it seems like he gets measurements messed up a lot. I’m no carpenter, but sometimes I wonder how he can manage to mess up seemingly simple projects. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt, though, 'cause he’s purty. :slight_smile:

Here’s a hilarious post from the Trading Spaces BB:


I loved the monkey desk. I loved the style, colors, and especially that tree.

I thought the white outlines around the graffiti sucked. I can understand wanting to outline something in white to make it stand out against the purple wall, but the outlines were too wide and very sloppy. I thought they just made the designs within them disappear.

Vern’s room was a big “meh” to me.

Amy Winn’s messed up her share of measurements, too. This bugs the heck out of me. I know they’re rushed to get everything done and they probably have these designers just throwing numbers at them, but come on! It seems like every other show they goof up a measurement. You might expect something like that from an untrained do-it-yourselfer at home, but I would expect Ty and Amy to be more professional.

Actually I was thinking how rare it is that Ty or Amy Wynn screw up a project with mis-measuring. Sometimes the designers give them the wrong numbers 9Frank has a reputation for that) but off the top of my head I can’t recall another instance where the carpenter has had to remake something because they cocked it up.

Now if you really want to see a carpenter fudge some projects, I give you Andrew Dann-Jumbo from While You Were Out. Does a show ever pass that he doesn’t screw something up?

Maybe it stands out when they make mistakes. But there’s no excuse with Vern–the guy is an architect and his drawings are always very good. It’s possible that Vern goofs on his drawings, but I’ve seen Ty complain about them before. Did you notice how it was sort of a deja vu when Vern said something like, “How can you know what to do with all those numbers,” or something like that? I question whether Ty can read drawings. (We all have our weaknesses…)

i think the monkey desk would have worked if they were going with a safari or jungle theme. the room was too feminine for the desk.

maybe if they kept the shape of the desk and just repainted it in the colours of the dresser thing, it would look better.

vern’s room was great, i liked the blueness. oooooommmmm.