Trading Spouses 8/31

Did anybody catch the back to back episodes? $10,000 for Cooking classes!
Hilarious! I wish Justin would have been a bit more honest in his letter to Jay’s Family, but at least he chose well for their money spending.

Next week’s episode looks entertaining. :slight_smile:

I caught it…I just love this show. In the beginning Justin came off as being such an egotistical shmuck but in the end he seemed like a pretty decent guy. He took his responsibilities very seriously whether they be building a new door for the chicken coop or spending the $50,000. And this shows in his children as well. They cared about each other, taking care to hug instead of hit. Pierce was so thoughtful when he brought the cake to dinner to celebrate Jay’s son’s birthday. Not many 12 year olds take the time to think about other people. And even though the mom was a high strung harpy, deep down I think she really cares about her family and was sad to see Jay go.

Jay was a super sweet, down home country boy who has no clue about anything, which isn’t totally his fault in my opinion. He grew up on his father’s farm and still lives on his father’s land. He just doesn’t have much of a backbone and I’m wondering if anything will change once he sees how uninterested his wife and kids were in seeing him leave and having him come home in comparison to the Levine family. He obviously has no clue how much things cost but his heart was in the right place. Brandi is a bitch, the kids are a nightmare and nobody has any balls to do anything about it. I think they’ll be the perfect family to do the new “Renovate My Family” show, right after the Biggens!

My thoughts are kind of all over the place on this one but I was entertained to the last minute. Bring on the next episode!

I couldn’t believe Brandi didn’t even get her ass up off the couch to give Jay a hug and a kiss when he got home. She was also way too dissmissive of the nice dinner Justin tried to give her. She is a bitch.

I thought Justin should have alloted $10,000 for some family counseling or therapy so those kids could learn to behave better. Or maybe just pay off some big scary guy to come in once a day and kick that older kid’s ass. What a terror. I hope the younger kid grows up to be 6’5" and 250 pounds, while the older one tops out at 5’8" and gets the snot beat out of him by his “little” brother.

Great episode, I thought. I don’t think Jay was clueless at all; in fact, I think he was very clued in to the things that mattered. He made a world of difference in Pierce’s life. What a beautiful man.

And in Molly’s (in that her name?), too. She was tickled when he got her tooth out without hurting her. I think he was thrilled to have a daughter for a week.

i thought jay was rally grate

and it sucks they included the other family bitching about how he didnt know how the world works and all

it probably hurt him a little

the beginning was edited to make justin look like a dick

yeah this is my beach house 3.3 mil holler

but you could tell by the end he was a good guy

the jew family’s kids were grate too

the little girl was mad cute

/slight hijack/ Did anyone catch the Biggens’ family from the first episode’s lifestyle change on the other FOX show-- Renovate My Family?

Basically a two hour episode mixing the best aspects of Extreme Makeover Home Edition and with some of Dr. Phil’s self help.

Damn, I did love that new house.

Yeah, I saw it. They did get a pretty nice house.

I’m curious though, does this new show coincide with Trading Spouses or was that just a fluke that the Biggins were on both shows?

I think it was a fluke. The preview of the other family was of people I’d never seen.