Modern Family - May 7 - Comic Book, Belt Buckle, Pickle, etc.

Cute episode, better than most recently.

But Mitch said he had Spider-Man issue #3 which was the premier of Doc Ock. But the comic he showed when he came down from the attic was issue #1

…good lord I am such a geek.

I’m as geeky. I involuntarily screamed “No!” when the comic fell into the puddle.

A nice callback at the very end with Claire and Phil throwing the deadbolt lock.

:wink: I could see that coming from a plot-twist standpoint, but yeah…
I am NOT looking forward to the Very Special Episode where Jay sees the light and makes up with Mitch and Cam…

I think they can do it without it being Very Special. Jay’s uncomfortableness with Mitch being gay had been touched on from the pilot episode, so this doesn’t come out of the blue. His struggle to balance that feeling with his genuine love for his son has also been a theme. So, i think this can be done in an authentic way.

I had just finished saying to my wife, “He shouldn’t be holding that comic like that.”

I found Jay’s problem with the wedding to be kind of unbelievable. It seemed to come out of nowhere. It’s not like Mitch just came out, he and Cam have been together for years, rearing a daughter even, and they are with Jay constantly it seems. Dinner every week(?), vacations - they are together all the time. Could Jay really be so turned off by this one event that he can’t stand going? Not wanting to have his manly friends there - sure. Not wanting to hang out with Pepper and the other expressive gay men - sure, I can buy that. But can’t stand the idea of a gay wedding at all? Didn’t ring true to me, not at this point.

Me too! That was a terrifying moment.

Very fun episode!

Yeah, this is an invented crisis to keep the show going. He’s hung out with Pepper, Longeness (sp?), etc., in the bar and had a great time. And Mitchell has met his friends and the world didn’t end.

Is it supposed to be that the wedding is making it all real and now it’s too much?!

My favorite moment was Lily throwing down her “diamond” ring in disgust.

The final shot of Manny sneaking the pickle while Gloria was sneaking some belly rubbing was the highlight for me.

That does seem odd. Either the lines in the script or the prop comic could have been easily altered to correct the discrepancy.

But he wasn’t saying don’t get married - he just wants it low-key so that he doesn’t have to invite friends.

There was nothing to indicate that he is against gay marriage in general (although he is uncomfortable with it). And I thought the acting in those scenes was great: Mitchel uninviting him (Cam discovers that that is a thing), Jay’s look when it happened, Jay holding his phone obviously trying to figure out how to fix this - all very well done.

And I think it was last week where Jay and Mitchell discussed how relatively well Jay handled the coming out announcement (“I’m still not comfortable - with you being a lawyer.”). There is respect and love there - I think they’ll handle the reconciliation (which is a given) well.

Regarding that and him ‘holding it wrong’. He’s not a ‘comic book geek’. He just had one that ended up being worth a lot of money. It’s not that he’s spent hundreds of dollars on them during his childhood or spent the weekends at the comic book store building up his collection, he just liked Spiderman and Jay (I think) gave him that one, which turned out to be worth something 30 years later.

To be fair, I think it would have made a lot more sense for it to have been ‘damaged in the move’ than for him to not know how to hold a plastic bag right side up.

I can’t believe they kept it…

I have a name!

I meant the answering machine…

Jay gave him a Dan Marino autographed football, which Mitchell traded for the comic. At the time, Mitchell overpaid - but he came out ahead in the end (prior to the puddle).

On review of the tape, the comic’s cover actually is Spider-man #3.

Really? If so, cool! I coulda sworn it showed Spidey in kinda the upper-left corner in a spread-eagle leap or something, which I recalled as part of the cover of Issue #1 with the Fantastic Four.

ETA: just looked them up online. Jeez!! They both feature Spider-Man in that position, more or less in the same area on the cover page. Too funny.



Spidey is in a similar spread-eagle pose on both covers so it’s an understandable mistake. But you can see it is Doc Ock and not the FF on there.

I thought it was Spider-Man 1 at first, but then they showed it closer and I noticed it was a little different.

What with Phil being delighted to hear that Claire was “pregnant” and the bolt-locking scene at the end of the episode, I think they’re foreshadowing another baby soon. I know adding a new baby usually equals jumping the shark, but that didn’t seem to happen when Joe was introduced… now if Cam and Mitch could adopt a toddler/baby, they’d be set for another 10 years or so. I actually would like to see Claire and Phil have another kid - it’d give Haley a reason to keep coming home even after she’s in university, and if she has a kid young (which they’ve hinted she will since the pilot episode) there’ll be that interesting dynamic of an uncle/aunt and niece/nephew being the same age. Plus, it’d wreck Claire & Phil’s 5-year plan.

I liked every scene that involved the answering machine and Claire’s memory box, and I love it when Claire talks about how cute she finds Phil. They’re one of the most interesting couples on TV in my opinion. I find them very realistic.

Maybe Jay’s sudden slight homophobia-relapse was probably an attempt not to drop that side of his character - he’s been very comfortable with Mitch and Cam’s relationship lately, maybe they’re trying to either re-introduce some consistency there, or get Jay to accept them completely once and for all.

I think Jay was actually concerned with blowing things out of proportion when he criticized C&M’s wedding plans, which is antithesis to flamboyant gays. He just knew his friends would give him a hard time about it, and he wanted to avoid a potentially embarrassing situation. They interpreted his comments as homophobic, and he realized he couldn’t dig his way out of that hole.