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I was pulled over for speeding and was given a warning, I know I was at fault for driving while license expired but my question is can you get a ticket for driving with invalid license and another ticket for expired license? both are pretty hefty fines was just inquiring as to wether or not this is right. Seems to me that they both mean the same thing


They may or may not mean the same thing. It all depends on how your state defines each offense.

But even if they do mean the same thing, you can be cited for both offenses. The double jeopardy clause means that if you’re convicted of both, the two convictions will merge into one for sentencing purposes.

More things can make a license invalid than its just being expired. And an expired license can be otherwise valid. So it looks like the cop judged your license to be expired AND invalid, which are two separate things.

Chances are, in court, you’ll get fined for more than either offense alone would cost but less than the total fine for the two separate offenses. Depends on how desperate for funds the particular jurisdiction is, and on whether the judge’s wife allowed him to have sex with her recently.

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